Dealerslink Announces New OBD Scanner ahead of NADA 2024  

by | Jan 22, 2024 | Dealerslink News, Press Releases | 0 comments

BROOMFIELD, CO – Dealerslink, a leading provider of inventory solutions in the automotive industry, introduced its new mobile OBD Scanning app ahead of the upcoming NADA 2024 convention. This addition to its inventory management suite aims to streamline the diagnostic during the appraisal and reconditioning processes. 

Unlike traditional OBD computer systems, which are often large and occupy service bay areas, The mobile OBD Scanner from Dealerslink is a compact device designed for efficiency. It connects to a vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port and pairs with a smartphone app for easy operation. 

Mike Goicoechea, CEO and founder of Dealerslink, explains, “This device revolutionizes the vehicle appraisal process by including any vehicle fault codes into the evaluation. No longer will dealers do blind appraisals” 

This standalone system also integrates with Dealerslink’s inventory management suite, including the revamped Fastbook X appraisal app and the new ReconCloud reconditioning app. 

 Devon Peterson, VP of Dealer Services at Dealerslink, highlights the scanner’s role in the appraisal process: “It enhances our ability to evaluate a vehicle comprehensively, combining external damage assessments, history reports, and now, detailed mechanical checks.” 

The scanner offers practical benefits for reconditioning managers in dealerships. It aids in the efficient triage of vehicles, allowing for informed decisions on resource allocation, and estimates for parts and labor costs. 

Dealerslink invites industry professionals to preview the OBD Scanner and its other latest innovations, such as Fastbook X and ReconCloud, at the NADA Convention, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, from February 1-4. 

In addition to showcasing its latest products, Dealerslink will offer a special promotion exclusively for NADA convention attendees who visit booth #4733W on Main Street. For more details about the event and the offerings, interested parties can visit Dealerslink’s NADA 2024 event page

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