Success Stories

We strive to provide products & services that leave our dealers wanting to share their experiences. Read the testimonials of dealers across the country that have experienced unprecedented success with Dealerslink’s dealership software tools.

Lake Norman Hyundai

Cam Stewart, Managing Partner of Lake Norman Hyundai has been in the industry for over 40 years. Cam discusses how using Dealerslink has helped his dealership develop a larger inventory footprint and supplement their sales with 30-40 units a month.

Bobby Maynard, General Manager of Sims Honda and Northwest Honda

Sims Honda

Bobby Maynard, General Manager of Sims Honda and Northwest Honda explains how he uses Dealerslink's Dealer-To-Dealer marketplace to locate clean, retail-ready used vehicles directly from other dealers saving his dealership thousands of dollars a month in auction fees.

I've been in the business 21 years and – the only digital program I've ever been on is the vAuto.

Marburger Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

As an automotive industry veteran of 21 years, initially, KC Langenstein was nervous about making the switch from vAuto. Eventually, however, it was time for a change.

George Gee Buick GMC

George Gee Buick GMC

It's not uncommon for auto dealers to use multiple resources from several vendors to do different things. Andy Rhoads, Sales Manager at George Gee Buick GMC explains how they were able to eliminate three different vendors with Dealerslink

Renaldo Honda switches to Dealerslink from vAuto

Renaldo Honda

Scott McKinnon, General Manager of Renaldo Honda describes how switching from vAuto to Dealerslink has given him and his team an unparalleled competitive advantage, changing the way that they source, manage and exit their inventory.

Weld County Garage Buick GMC

Weld County Garage Buick GMC

Dave Sloan, General Sales Manager at Weld County Garage shows how he increased annual returns by over $1,000,000 by sourcing and selling inventory directly with other dealers on Dealerslink.