Dealerslink Unveils Fastbook X: The Apex of VIN Scanning and Vehicle Appraisals

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15 Years of Expertise Culminate in the Industry’s Most Advanced Appraisal Tool

Broomfield, CO – Dealerslink, a pioneer in automotive technology, has announced the launch of Fastbook X, a groundbreaking update to their flagship vehicle appraisal platform. Reengineered from scratch, Fastbook X promises lightning-fast VIN scans and a streamlined appraisal process, all designed with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

“Since its release in 2009 as the first mobile booking tool, Fastbook X represents a decade and a half of industry insights and technological advancements,” said Dealerslnk CEO, Mike Goicoechea. “The 10th generation version is not just an update; it’s a complete overhaul designed to set a new standard in vehicle appraisals.”

Competitive Intelligence and Market Data Integration

Dealerslink also includes its ‘Competition View’ and ‘DMS Velocity/Profit Integration’ features with Fastbook X. These tools offer dealers unmatched insights into the live market, ensuring they have all the necessary information to stay ahead in a highly competitive landscape.

Unmatched Appraisal Capabilities

Recognized as the industry-leading appraisal tool, Fastbook X integrates comprehensive data from JPD, BB, KBB, MMR, Galves, Carfax, and AutoCheck into a single page booking experience. This integration allows auto dealers to conduct thorough and efficient appraisals, making informed decisions faster than ever.

Enhanced Diagnostic Capabilities

A standout feature of Fastbook X is the Dealerslink OBD (Onboard Diagnostics) Scanner Integration. This enhancement empowers dealers to perform comprehensive vehicle evaluations by combining external damage assessments, detailed history reports, and crucially, vehicle fault codes. “With OBD integration, dealers can now access in-depth diagnostics during the appraisal process, further boosting accuracy and reliability,” added Dealerslink VP of Dealer Services, Devon Peterson.

Cross-Platform Availability

Catering to the modern dealer, Fastbook X is available on desktop as well as both Android and Apple platforms, ensuring accessibility and convenience for users across different devices.

As Dealerslink continues to innovate and lead, Fastbook X is set to transform how dealerships appraise and process vehicles, marking a new era of efficiency and precision in automotive technology.


Fastbook X is available now for all licensed U.S. Car Dealers. Dealerships looking to elevate their inventory management and appraisal processes are encouraged to contact Dealerslink at for more information and a live demonstration.

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