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Stocking Recommendations

Historic store performance, profit, regional data and consumer trends allow dealers to identify the highest-grossing new or used vehicles with high-demand trim levels and options.
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Product Features

No More Guesswork!

A variety of data points generate customized stocking recommendations for maximum profitability.

Stocking Report

This report can help keep you from buying inventory that doesn’t sell well in your market. Using the industry’s most comprehensive true-market data, the Stocking Report analyzes recent and seasonal consumer trends to generate an ideal inventory mix based on your retail strategy.

Inventory Stocking Report

DMS and F&I Profit Analytics

A sophisticated integration that merges historical sales data with F&I profit information, providing key insights into ROI, past performances and trends. This integration enables better-informed decision-making based on historical data analysis.

DMS Profit Integration

Velocity Report

Based on vehicle turn rate and market saturation, velocity reports compile complex true-market data points into an easy-to-read format that enables you to identify and source new and pre-owned units with the highest retail potential in your market.

Group Velocity Analytics

Eliminate the guesswork and headaches of managing broad-scale inventories. Group Velocity Analytics utilizes a variety of data points to show you a clear picture of how you should allocate your inventories and how each of your locations is performing with every type of vehicle that comes on your lot.
Dealer Group Velocity Analytics

From pricing, to appraisals, to street purchases,
Dealerslink is the only tool we use.

KC Langenstein
GM / Marburger Auto Group
Former Provision and Conquest User

Unique Tools

10+ unique tools and features that help evaluate appraisals better, bulk price inventory, and improve your vehicle listing performance.

A True Partnership

The resources to support your entire dealership. Whether you’re learning new features, onboarding staff, or turning seasoned users into pros.

No Long-Term Contracts

We work hard to earn your business, every month. There is a reason 99% of dealers who switch to Dealerslink stay.

Connect To Profit

Grow your dealership
to the next level!

More features, more complete data sets, more inventory flexibility and costs, on average, 62% less than others like vAuto, DealerSocket or MaxDigital.

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Take your dealership to the next level

Why are dealers talking about dealerslink?

If I can get a product that is just as efficient as another product and yet save a ton of money – that’s what I’m going to do.

KC Langenstein General Manager, Marbuerger Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram
KC Langenstein

Take it for a test drive. I think you would be remiss if you didn’t take a look and talk to a rep from Dealerslink.

Tim Urness President, Urness Motors
Tim Urness

Since switching from HomeNet and FirstLook to Dealerslink, we were able to reduce costs by 33% while having all the same features.

Michael Reese Digital Marketing Manager, Haselwood Auto Group
Michael Reese

When I was growing up in the business, we were told the ‘used-car factory’ doesn’t exist. I believe Dealerslink is that used-car factory.

Bobby Maynard General Manager of Sims Honda and Northwest Honda
Bobby Maynard

The support and innovation with AuctionLink 2.0 are unmatched. It’s much simpler and easier to use than any other product I’ve dealt with. The willingness to adapt to feedback from the support team is something I was never able to get with StockWave and vAuto. If I ever open my own store, Dealerslink will be the first place I call.

Scott Allen General Sales Manager, Rogers Dabbs Chevrolet
Scott Allen
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