How Dealerslink Champions Superior Service in Automotive Industry 

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Let’s face it, dealing with customer service that feels more like a ‘dumpster fire’ than a helping hand is no one’s idea of a good time. In an industry, where every second counts, the last thing you need is slow support from your inventory management vendor. Enter Dealerslink, where top-tier customer support isn’t just a promise—it’s a quick, personable, and effective reality. Ditch the hassle and get ready for a smooth ride. Dealerslink is changing the game with its commitment to stellar service, supported by the experiences of seasoned industry pros who have seen it all. 

A Testament to Simplicity and Support 

Phil Brooker, representing Crater Lake Ford, brings over 20 years of experience to the table. In an industry rife with overly complex technologies, Phil appreciates Dealerslink for its straightforward approach to inventory management.

“Whether I’ve got a 30-year veteran or someone who was hired yesterday, I just want to scan a VIN and start appraising a car,” he explains, “This simplicity ensures that all team members can effectively use the technology, regardless of their experience level.”

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What truly sets Dealerslink apart, according to Phil, is the company’s openness to feedback and its supportive nature. “It’s more of a partnership than it is a vendor relationship,” he says, highlighting the responsive and adaptive communication lines Dealerslink maintains with its clients. This approach fosters a collaborative environment where feedback is not only heard but acted upon, reflecting the company’s commitment to continuous improvement. 

Seamless Integration and Unrivaled Support 

Pete Smith from Bob Smith Toyota, part of a dealership legacy dating back to 1917, also praises Dealerslink for its exceptional customer service. When switching providers, the seamless setup process and the outstanding support received made Dealerslink a clear winner.

“The support towards us when we reach out to them is second to none,” Pete notes, “Immediate responses and effective resolutions characterize their support, contrasting sharply with the inadequate service of previous providers.”

Key Differentiators in Customer Support from Dealerslink 

A commitment to superior customer support is manifested in several distinct ways: 

  1. Customer-First Philosophy: The support team’s priority is always, “How can we best serve our customers?”  
  1. No Call Queue: Customers reach a live expert with direct automotive industry experience immediately upon calling. 
  1. First Call Resolution: With extensive training and devoted support teams, Dealerslink strives to resolve issues on the first interaction, ensuring high client satisfaction
  1. Account-Specific Support Professionals: Customers interact with the same account manager, ensuring personalized and knowledgeable service. 
  1. Proactive Consulting: We present our capabilities to clients, allowing them to customize services to their needs. This approach ensures we lead with expertise and adapt to client preferences, distinguishing our consultancy from merely order-taking. 

A Partner, Not Just a Provider 

Dealerslink transcends the typical vendor-client relationship, positioning itself as a true partner to dealerships. This partnership is built on a foundation of trust, facilitated by responsive customer service and a genuine openness to client feedback. If you’re seeking a solution that prioritizes your dealership’s needs while offering reliable and proactive support, Dealerslink is your go-to provider. Transform your inventory management with a partner that values your success as much as you do. Join Dealerslink today and experience a difference that not only meets but exceeds expectations. 

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