Benchmarking Success in Customer Retention   

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Customer retention is more than just a metric; it’s a testament to a company’s dedication to its clientele. The benefits of retaining existing customers are abundant: increased revenue, reduced costs, heightened loyalty, and a competitive edge in the industry. At Dealerslink, customer retention is a cornerstone of our commitment to exceptional customer support. 

Industry Standards vs. Dealerslink 

Research indicates that customer retention rates vary across industries. Media and professional services boast the highest retention rates at 84%, while the IT & Software sector, where Dealerslink operates, lingers at 77%. Despite the challenges posed by this industry norm, Dealerslink shines with an impressive retention rate of 98.7%, setting them apart from their industry peers. 

What Sets Dealerslink Apart? 

  • Human Touch in Support 
    Dealerslink doesn’t subject its clients to long call queues. Instead, clients are greeted by live experts in the automotive industry who offer personalized assistance. This customer-first philosophy permeates every interaction, ensuring that clients receive tailored solutions promptly.  

“The Dealerslink Support Team makes it so much easier to know if I have an issue or a problem. I can get on a call, and I don’t have to jump through hoops to get somebody on the phone. I call them and normally somebody answers the phone within probably two to three rings, and then after that have my issue fixed.” 

Joshua Kliethermes, Internet Director at Johnny Londoff Chevrolet
  • Emphasis on Relationships 
    Understanding the pivotal role of customer support, Dealerslink focuses on building lasting relationships through direct communication and value-centric interactions. This strategy emphasizes communication between the dealer and their direct consultant and is a significant advantage that sets us apart. It shows that customers truly matter to Dealerslink. 
  • First Call Resolution 
    Dealers are dealing with all kinds of vendors, CRMs, websites, inventory and lead gen services. A common complaint among dealers is that they must wait two, 3, 4 days, sometimes more for a phone call back or a resolution to an issue. What Dealerslink prides itself on is First Call Resolution. Through comprehensive training and dedicated support, Dealerslink ensures that issues are addressed swiftly and effectively, leaving clients satisfied with every interaction. 
  • Going the Extra Mile 
    Dealerslink doesn’t just solve problems within its purview; it goes above and beyond to assist clients, even if the issue lies beyond their software. By embodying a spirit of collaboration and empathy, Dealerslink earns the trust and admiration of its clientele. 

As Jake Silveira, Consulting Team Lead puts it “I think one of the biggest things these days is that vendors tend to like to point the finger at other vendors. Well, that’s not our problem. That’s somebody else’s problem, you need to call them. We’ve historically always taken the approach of, OK, this doesn’t seem to be an issue with us, but let’s go ahead and call your other vendor. Let’s call up your website and see what’s going on there. And if we can get it fixed for you, we will. Or let’s call up your DMS and see if we can get some inventory that may be stuck or it’s not coming over to us correctly. Instead of telling the dealer, yeah, that’s not our problem, you have to go through the steps yourself and the channels. We really take the initiative there, and I think that really sets us apart from the majority of vendors out there.” 

  • Constant Refinement for Excellence 
    Excellence isn’t achieved overnight—it’s a continuous journey. Dealerslink is committed to refining its processes, honing its skills, and embracing innovation to maintain its status as the premier automotive vendor. Regular evaluations and weekly meetings underscore our dedication to efficiency without compromising quality. 

Stellar performance in customer retention isn’t just a statistic—it’s a reflection of Dealerslink employs and their dedication to providing unparalleled support and service. By prioritizing relationships, embracing innovation, and always striving for excellence, Dealerslink sets a benchmark for success in customer retention that others aspire to follow. 

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