The Biggest Advance in New and Used Competitive Vehicle Pricing

True auto market transparency. See new, used, retail and wholesale vehicle pricing based on hyper-local sales data. Discover, compare, and segment regional markets in seconds. Understand every vehicle, every trim, at every price point.

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Competition View scans over 80,000 online dealership sites to provide the most accurate true-market data with unmatched depth.


CompView Heat Maps®. An industry-first, nationwide retail vehicle pricing heat map.


Full visibility of the national auto market. Find vehicles in pockets with the most profit potential.


Easily determine the optimal price point that maximizes margin and turn rate.

Additional Features

Default Expense Targets

Set expense amount defaults for different vehicle classes, buyers, or sources. Quickly select between auction vehicles or trade-in vehicles that have different set expenses to get them lot ready.

Vehicle Grades

True auto market-based data assigns every vehicle appraisal a grade, giving instant insight into its competitive position in your retail market. Grades are based on price, velocity, vehicle history, and market supply.

Book Condition Automation

Book condition settings allow you to configure and auto-apply book value conditions differently for inventory stocking, appraisals and classes. This helps devalue trades and maximize retail prices.