Quick Tips to Simplifying Car Pricing at Your Dealership 

by | May 1, 2024 | Inventory Management, Marketplace, Vehicle Pricing | 0 comments

Efficiency in pricing important for any car dealership looking to succeed. Optimizing your pricing tools and strategy can greatly enhance both time management and profitability. By integrating such processes, dealers like Spreen Automotive have streamlined their processes, making pricing adjustments quickly and effectively based on market dynamics and inventory needs. 

Tired of the Old, Embracing the New 

Jeff Spreen from Spreen Automotive shares his journey from frustration to freedom. His dealership was bogged down by traditional tools and old-school pricing models provided by other vendors, which needed opening multiple tabs and manually adjusting prices for hundreds of cars. Then he switched gears and tried out some new tech.

“The switch to Dealerslink was a game changer” as Jeff puts it. “What used to take me all night to price cars, I can now do in one shot with Dealerslink.” he explains. 

This new approach hasn’t just simplified the pricing process – it’s significantly boosted inventory turnover. “Our turn has increased, we are selling more cars with smaller inventory,” Jeff adds, underscoring the efficiency of the tool. Plus, moving away from his earlier vendor has led to substantial cost savings and better control over his dealership’s operations. 

3 Efficient Pricing Tips for New and Pre-Owned Vehicles 

  1. Batch Pricing: A Time-Saving Marvel 

Michael Wood, Dealerslink Sales Rep, highlights the specific features of the pricing tool that help dealerships daily. Designed with two-tiered pricing based on age buckets and velocity, the tool allows for rapid adjustments based on market dynamics. This feature particularly shines when new cars come in. “I can batch price everything in that bucket,” Michael explains, pointing out the massive time savings when managing multiple listings. 

  1. Strategic Pricing with Minimal Hassle 

“The tools don’t just slap a new price on a car; they’re smart about it, allowing dealers to shift prices based on demand and what’s hot,” Michael explains. “When cars under $15,000 are flying off the lot, the tool makes it easy to catch the wave and price them just right to maximize returns.” This segmentation is all about making smart moves quickly and staying ahead of the curve.  

  1. Automated Updates and Market Adjustments 

Updating pricing across platforms automatically is a crucial element in today’s digital marketplace where consumers receive updates in real-time. Updating prices across various platforms is a breeze now. “If I want to tweak the price on my site or anywhere else the car is listed, I just make a quick adjustment, and bam, everyone sees the new price,” Michael shares. What used to be a tedious task is now just a few clicks away. 

Efficiency Beyond Pricing 

Ultimately, it’s not all about the numbers. The real win is how much time these techniques free up. Instead of being stuck behind a desk figuring out prices and merchandising, managers and sales teams can get out on the floor, connect with customers, and sell cars.

“This tool isn’t just about pricing—it’s about putting you where you’re needed most!”

Michael wood

For dealerships looking to cut down on grunt work, reduce costs, and improve sales efficiency, jumping on board with a solution that modernizes car pricing and inventory management is a no-brainer. As the market keeps evolving, having the right tools to keep up with the pace is crucial. It’s not just about surviving in a tough market—it’s about thriving and outsmarting the competition. So, if you’re ready to take back your time and make your dealership more agile, maybe it’s time to give these tools from Dealerslink a spin

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