Dealerslink Revs Up for NADA 2024: Unveiling Advanced Inventory Solutions  

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Hey car enthusiasts and industry leaders! Get ready to join the Dealerslink team as we gear up for the automotive extravaganza of the year – NADA 2024 in Las Vegas, NV, from February 1st to 4th. We’ve got the cash wheel in hand, excitement in our hearts, and a special promotion that’s exclusively for the NADA convention attendees. Brace yourselves, because Dealerslink is set to claim the title of the funniest booth once again!

NADA Dealerslink Booth Placement map 2024

The Dealerslink Experience at Booth #4733W 

As pioneers in the automotive industry, we are thrilled to announce our participation at NADA 2024. Swing by Booth #4733W on Main Street to witness the future of inventory management unfold before your eyes. Our team is ready to showcase the most advanced inventory solutions for 2024, and we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves. 

Top Products to Focus On: OBD Scanner, ReconCloud and Fastbook X  

  • OBD Scanner: Streamline Your Diagnostic Process 

OBD Scanner from Dealerslink is a compact device designed for efficiency. It connects to a vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port and pairs with a smartphone app for easy operation. This standalone system also integrates with existing inventory management suite from Dealerslink, including the revamped Fastbook X appraisal app and the new ReconCloud reconditioning app. 

  • ReconCloud: Elevate Your Recon Process to the Cloud 

ReconCloud, one of our star products, is here to revolutionize your dealership’s reconditioning process. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to streamlined workflows. With ReconCloud, witness the power of cloud-based reconditioning tools that optimize efficiency and ensure your vehicles hit the lot faster than ever. 

  • Fastbook X: Turbocharge Your Inventory Listing 

Fastbook X, our speed demon of a product, is designed to turbocharge your inventory listing process. Experience lightning-fast vehicle uploads, real-time market pricing, and a user-friendly interface that will have your team breezing through listings effortlessly. Fastbook X is not just an inventory tool; it’s a game-changer for your dealership’s online presence. 

Dealerslink All-Star Lineup of Solutions 

But wait, there’s more! At Booth #4733W, dive into live demonstrations of the latest Dealerslink features and integrations, designed to streamline and enhance dealership operations. Our showcased solutions include: 

The Dealerslink NADA 2024 Exclusive Promotion 

Ready to cash in on the excitement? Attendees who demo our latest inventory solutions before NADA will receive $200 in cold, hard cash when they visit our booth on Main Street during the show. Can’t make it to the convention? No worries! Complete a live demo by 02/04/24, and you’ll receive a $200 eGift Card. 

As if that’s not enough, all participants in the live demo by 02/04/2024 will have the chance to enter a drawing to win one of 3 item:

  • Bartesian Premium Cocktails – Touchdown Bundle
  • Jaw-dropping RC Crawler
  • Meta Quest 3

3 prizes for the drawing at NADA

Revolutionize your dealership’s success with cutting-edge inventory solutions from Dealerslink. 

 *FOR NEW CUSTOMERS, DEALERSHIP MANAGERS ONLY. COMPLETE A LIVE DEMO BY 02/04/2024 AND RECEIVE $200 Cash when you stop by the Dealerslink booth 4733W at NADA. Not going to NADA? MONEY SENT VIA eGIFT CARD of your choice. 

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