Dashboard Dialogues Episode 14: What We’re Thankful For

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In this 14th Episode of our podcast, we talk some of those things we’re all grateful for at Dealerslink and being part of the dealer community. What are you all thankful for?


Thank you for joining us for another episode of Dashboard Dialogs. This week we are going to explore all of the things that we are thankful for here at Dealer Link from myself and everyone at the Dealerslink team. We want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and a happy holiday season.

Good morning and welcome to another episode of Dashboard Dialogs.

This week we’re going to be exploring all of the things that members of Dealerlink’s team are thankful for as we kick off our list. What we’re going to look at is the submissions by our team. Things that they’re thankful for. And in general, we will close out with a special message from our CEO, Mike Goicoechea. The first submission we have is the thankfulness to have the opportunity to be a part of a team that is dedicated to collaboration.

And this is a really big thing here at Dealerslink. In general, what we see here is any problem that comes across anybody’s desk, they pick that up as though it’s their problem. There’s not a well, it’s not my my particular account. It’s not a specific situation everybody chips in. And and that is a huge benefit to our dealers because everybody is willing to pick up the ball whenever it is placed on their desk.

And so that’s a really, really huge benefit to our dealers. And it’s also a really good thing to be thankful for because ultimately collaboration is not easily had in some organizations. So as we move on with our list, this one’s a little bit funny. It was a good submission from one of our outside sales reps here, but he is thankful for my chiseled jawline and my impeccable style.

I don’t know what to say about that, to be honest with you. I do try to present myself in a good way. I don’t know about the chiseled jawline, but you know, to each their own. I guess he’s got his own perception. But thank you for that, for sure. The next submission we have is unselfish teammates here at Dealer’s Link.

We are again, it’s all about that collaboration and teamwork. And ultimately we all have our own responses, abilities. But what it comes down to is really putting us putting ourselves aside to really assist the dealer. The dealer is the main point here. When they are calling us, they’re looking for some kind of help. And a lot of the times that help may not be related to Dealerslink in general, it might be another one of their vendors or another service that they have.

And our team can really pick up the phone and call anybody within the organization and they’re going to pick up the phone and help out in a very unselfish manner. It’s not going to be one of those things where people are put aside because of personal opinions or anything like that. We all have a professional goal here. And and that’s a that’s a really big one.

And again, it kind of goes along back with number one there of of collaboration everything but being an unselfish person is definitely huge. The next submission we have is the thankfulness for being surrounded by positive people, both professionally and personally. This one’s huge. I mean, as we all know, working with people, it can get a little tricky sometimes and ultimately having positive people in your circle can ultimately be the difference between a good day and a bad day.

Dealerslink thrives on the positive attitude. We instill that in all of our channels here at the company, everything from marketing to development all the way down to consulting in our sales channels. Positivity is huge. Personally, you definitely need positive people surrounding you so that professionally you can bring that energy along with you. So that’s great. Me personally, I like to try to wake up every morning and and have a very thankful and grateful outlook on life.

A lot of times, if we’re experiencing stress, as is common around this time of year, that that one thing that we can be thankful or grateful for can really easily control a lot of the stress that we’re feeling. You know, in a big thing there is it’s more about how we respond to this stress than what the stress actually is.

So definitely let’s move forward with that for the next year. COVID has definitely created a lot of problems for us in society and professionally, etc. So it is time for us to really get back to being grateful for those things. The next one we have and this one’s always exciting. There’s probably millions of new parents out there that are going to watch this, but new babies, we do have a staff member that has a new baby.

And I know that has been something that he was very excited about all the way up until the birth. And you can see the light in his face when he actually speaks of his child. So being thankful for the miracle that is a baby is always obviously a very big one, especially around this time of year. Baby’s first Thanksgiving, baby’s first Christmas.

All of that stuff is they’re all memories that these new parents and new parents across the country are going to be feeling around this time of year for sure. The next one we have is is actually kind of more directed towards our dealer community. We are thankful for the for the opportunity to grow with our dealers through a challenging market.

This market at this point in time has been up and down. We have seen crazy swings up and we’ve seen crazy swings down. The one thing that has been consistent is and as is common in the auto industry, is car dealers always move forward. There’s always some kind of driving force behind them. You might think they’re out of gas and all of a sudden they they really step on that gas pedal and they go to the front of the line.

It’s like Ricky Bobby says, if you’re not Rubbing, you’re not racing. Really?

Yes. I want to know. That’s for me. Tomorrow you’ll go. I’m really willing to go do that. I don’t know. I play for keeps I want to run.

And then so right now, it’s one of those times where you have to be rubbing a little bit. We’ve had the great opportunity, the amazing relationships with our dealers that have been built over the last two years during COVID. That has allowed us to kind of parlay into the what we’re thankful for. Now, you know, what we’re thankful for now is we’re coming to the end of the year dealers.

We’ve weathered that storm a little bit. We’re moving into the holidays so we can kind of take some time off, a little pressure off of ourselves as we close out the year, giving us time to really connect with our family and our friends and reset our clocks so that at the beginning of next year, we can really hit the ground running with this market correction that we have been experiencing over the last three to even close to six months in the auto industry here.

So, you know, by all means, what we’re looking at is is being thankful for the time that we do get to spend with the people as things have been very stressful for us here in the auto industry as of late and moving forward from there, guys, what we’ve got is any day for those of us in the auto industry, what we’re looking at here is the largest auto dealer convention in the entire country.

This year is pretty exciting. It is going to be held in Dallas, Texas, a first time in many years. I know they like to do a little bit of a rotation between locations. San Francisco has been in the mix in New Orleans and Vegas. Of course, Orlando has been out there. But Dallas, Texas is is one of those cities that hasn’t really had that NADA attention here as of late.

And so the excitement behind that particular convention is is definitely here. We ourselves, the dealers link have been preparing for probably the better part of a month to get ourselves ready for this show, which does take place at the end of January, again in Dallas, Texas. So by all means, guys, if if you’re in Dallas and you’re there for the convention, stop by our booth and make sure to see us.

We’d be very happy and grateful to to get a little bit of your time and spread our message to you guys for sure. And moving forward from there, guys, number nine, we have our customers, so our customer base is probably the best in the auto industry. We encourage them to gripe to us, for lack of better terms, about the things that we can improve the parts of the system that can change a little bit to increase the efficiency that a user is going to gain out of that tool, specifically.

The other aspect to that is, in general, the dealer community is probably one of the best communities in terms of industries in the world. It’s the largest concentration of sales professionals in the world. You have some of the greatest, most generous and caring individuals in the auto industry. They’re working in your dealership down the street, guys. And this is what we are thankful for.

This is what has helped Dealerslink grow as a company. This is what has helped us spread our message of helping dealers turn their wholesale expenses into profits and and really reducing the ability for them to get stuck in situation that they can’t really get themselves out of with certain inventory. And the last one that we have, number ten, guys, number ten, we’re looking here at really just being thankful and excited to work with the best customer base in the industry, to have that ability to draw on hundreds upon thousands of years experience collectively between all of our dealer partners.

And that allows us not only as our consult ins and our sales reps, but everybody up to our owner and our VP and CEO, etc., to grow and to really look at the bigger picture and to not get stuck in a tunnel vision situation which happens in the auto industry, especially during times of really, really good grosses and all that stuff.

You kind of get the tunnel of that’s the money. Money’s here, it’s coming. It’s coming. And it’s coming. At some point, though, that that turn that tunnel does turn a little bit. So we’re excited. We’re excited for everything that 2023 has to come. And we’re all excited for everything that our dealers have to tell us, things that we can do to get better improvements we can make to our software.

And really, during this time of year, especially with some of the things that have been going on in the country and in the world, let’s just be thankful for having the relationships that we have with our our friends and our family and our coworkers and spread that love a little bit more than what has been spread so far as we close this episode out, I do have a special, special message from Mike Goicoechea.

He personally wants to thank the dealer community. You guys have all helped us as a company and him personally give the opportunity to advance in many, many ways, personally and professionally, across the board and specifically to the team. Members of dealers like Mike specifically wants to thank you guys for all of your hard work, all the dedication you are, the fuel behind the engine.

You are the reason why Dealerslink continues to climb the mountains that we are climbing. And we’re not going to stop until we get to the top and we get to the top of that one. We’re just going to climb to the next one, guys. So that is from Mike. That is from us here at Dealerslink very much.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving. And enjoy the rest of your week. Thank you for joining us today for another great episode of Dashboard Dialogs. You can follow and listen to Dashboard Dialogs on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. Also, remember to follow our socials on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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