What Exactly Do Dealers Need to Track in Their Recon Process? 

by | Oct 25, 2023 | Inventory Management, Support, Used Car | 0 comments

Staying ahead of the competition means embracing innovation and efficiency at every level. One critical aspect that often gets overlooked is the reconditioning process for used vehicles. This behind-the-scenes operation can make or break a dealership’s success, affecting everything from inventory turn to customer satisfaction. Today, we are excited to introduce ReconCloud, an app that streamlines vehicle reconditioning and empowers dealers to take control of the process. 

ReconCloud: A Game-Changer for Dealerships 

ReconCloud is not just another app; it’s a game-changer for dealerships looking to gain a competitive edge in the industry. This powerful addition to our suite of tools is designed to simplify the reconditioning process, spotlight bottlenecks, and accelerate your time to the front line.  

Key Elements to Track in the Recon Process 

  • Workflow Transparency: keep tabs on where each vehicle is in the pipeline, which tasks have been completed, and which are pending. ReconCloud provides visual representation of this workflow, ensuring that no step is overlooked. 
  • Task Efficiency: Tracking how efficiently tasks are being performed is vital for optimizing the recon process. Dealers need to monitor the time each stage of reconditioning takes, identify bottlenecks, and ensure that technicians are working at their full potential. ReconCloud’s task tracking feature offers dealers a comprehensive view of task progress and time spent, enabling quick intervention when necessary. 
  • Quality Control: Ensuring that reconditioned vehicles meet quality standards is non-negotiable. ReconCloud allows for detailed documentation of vehicle conditions and helps maintain consistency in quality across the entire inventory. 
  • Cost Management: Controlling reconditioning costs is essential for profitability. ReconCloud provides a cost-tracking feature that helps dealers make informed decisions and optimize their budget allocation. 

How ReconCloud Can Help 

ReconCloud helps effectively manage the vehicle reconditioning process. Here’s how ReconCloud assists in tracking and optimizing these key elements: 

  • Workflow Visualization: ReconCloud’s intuitive interface displays the entire reconditioning workflow, offering transparency at every step. Dealers can easily monitor the progress of each vehicle, ensuring that no step is missed. 
  • Task Tracking: The app provides task tracking, allowing dealers to monitor task progress and identify bottlenecks, helping teams work more efficiently, resulting in quicker turnaround times. 
  • Quality Documentation: ReconCloud enables dealers to document and track the quality of reconditioned vehicles with photo and note attachments. This helps maintain consistent quality standards. 
  • Cost Control: With ReconCloud’s cost-tracking feature, dealers can monitor expenses and make data-driven decisions to optimize their reconditioning budget. 

The used car department is more important than ever, and the reconditioning process is a pivotal element to stay competitive in today’s automotive market. ReconCloud  empowers dealers to track and manage key elements in the reconditioning process and ensures that dealerships can make informed decisions based on real data rather than assumptions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to streamline your reconditioning process and take your dealership to the next level. Discover the power of ReconCloud today! 

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