The Dealerslink Sold Report is ready to go

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Dealerslink is proud to announce that the next step in our reporting evolution is here.  This is the first time our dealers have access to sold data, all in one place.

We want to provide our dealers with the analysis of their sold units to be able to help them make the best business decisions, to find vehicles that work best for their dealerships utilizing market data points and profit data points. 

When it comes to analyzing sold inventory, vehicles that have actually been sold from a dealer’s lot, two sets of information are involved: the marketplace information that comes from Dealerslink and the real profit data from the dealer’s DMS.  Dealerslink has combined these two data sets and has added some key analytics into one singular report.

Having all the key datasets in one place brings ease and efficiency to our dealers by eliminating the search for all the different reports needed. Dealers can be sure they’re finding the units that work best in their market and that are the most profitable. Dealers get one report with all the information they need for crucial business and buying decisions. Who doesn’t want to save time and streamline their decision making process? 

“We have married the data from our dealers with other data points that we have from the Dealerslink inventory management to be able to create a very robust sold vehicle data report for our customers. This is the reporting evolution of Dealerslink. Our customers want the best reporting they can get and this is the next step.”

Devon Peterson, VP of Dealer Services at Dealerslink

Dealerslink Sold Report is a free report available to any of our inventory management accounts. Next level enhanced reporting is also available for all our dealers. Reach out to us with any questions!  

This is just the next step is what is going to be the most progressive reporting solution ever for any inventory management solution.

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