Revolutionizing Car Sales: The Success Story of Bill McRae Ford and Dealerslink

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Clay Coleman, an experienced sales manager with a true passion for the automotive industry. With almost two decades of experience and seven and a half years at Bill McRae Ford in Jacksonville, Texas, Clay shares how Dealerslink has completely transformed their operations, bringing convenience, unity, and efficiency to the forefront.

Dealerslink: The Ultimate Performer

Clay begins by giving credit where it’s due, expressing his genuine appreciation for Dealerslink. In his own words, “Dealerslink excels at everything, to be honest.” This straightforward endorsement sets the stage for a remarkable story of positive change in the automotive sales industry.

Unifying Multiple Group Stores: A Shared Goal

One of the main challenges for dealerships with multiple group stores is ensuring seamless and harmonious operations. Clay highlights that this was exactly Dealerslink’s objective – to bring together all their stores, ensuring everyone works as one and uses the same programs.

He explains, “Dealerslink makes it incredibly easy to switch over to another dealer. It has also simplified vehicle transfers between our stores.” Here, Clay emphasizes the simplicity and efficiency that Dealerslink brings to their daily operations, making inter-store vehicle transfers a breeze.

Introducing Dealer Trades: A Significant Achievement

Dealer trades, a critical aspect of the automotive business, often present challenges. Clay reveals, “Dealer trades is something we’ve been working on for a while, and we’ve finally found the right program.” In this context, Dealerslink emerges as the perfect solution, providing the necessary tools and support to streamline the process.

Paramount Access: Boosting Efficiency

Access to information is crucial for Clay and his team. He emphasizes that all sales managers across their six stores need to have access to the same data. “Having access to everything for all the stores is crucial,” he affirms. Dealerslink’s ability to facilitate this access greatly enhances their operational efficiency.

Saving Time: A Game-Changer

In the fast-paced world of automotive sales, time is of the essence. Clay provides a real-life example of how Dealerslink has saved them time: “If we need to look up a JD Power for a car that’s in Palestine, it’s right there. I don’t have to waste time entering the vehicle again – it’s already there!”

In this inspiring success story, Clay Coleman showcases how Dealerslink has become an invaluable tool in the operations of Bill McRae Ford. The platform’s ability to streamline processes, enhance inter-store coordination, and save time has made it an essential asset in the competitive world of car sales. Clay’s endorsement of Dealerslink is a testament to its transformative impact on their business.

To hear Clay Coleman’s full testimonial, watch the YouTube video above. Discover how Dealerslink is reshaping the way automotive sales teams operate, delivering remarkable results, and driving success in the industry.

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