Seamless Shipping Through Dealerslink and ACERTUS

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Our Dealerslink members know they have access to $1 billion in used inventory through our dealer-to-dealer Marketplace. But what happens after they make a purchase and need to transport their newly acquired vehicles?

They are certainly welcome to arrange their own transportation. Tim Urness of Urness Motors in Oregon has even flown one of his staff members down to Texas to retrieve a specific vehicle for a customer.

While things worked out for Urness Motors and that customer, we know that shipping vehicles can be a big pain. Every dealer probably has horror stories about late shipments, drivers hijacking cars or showing up after hours, damage during transport, and no one answering the phone at the transport company. We’ve also heard stories about dealers agreeing to one price but later having to pay hundreds more in hidden fees.

At Dealerslink, we’ve worked to simplify the process through our partnership with ACERTUS. The company is an automotive logistics industry leader and is adept at arranging transport for one vehicle or a fleet, around the block or across the country. ACERTUS offers door-to-door service, competitive quotes, various forms of payment, and $1 million of liability insurance, and $350,000 of cargo insurance for shipments. Like us, they are focused on developing and deploying new technologies to improve the customer experience.

Dealership Inventory shipping
A dealer can see a shipping quote and schedule transport directly from the vehicle details page.

We’ve made it easy by integrating ACERTUS shipping quotes and tracking directly into our Dealerslink online interface. A dealer can see a shipping quote directly on the vehicle details page, and create a shipping order, and complete payment in just five clicks. They can also track that order directly in Dealerslink without having to log into a separate account.

MetroGistic shipping orders
Track your MetroGistics’ shipping orders directly into our Dealerslink online interface.

Another reason to arrange to ship through Dealerslink and ACERTUS is that the Dealerslink rep will troubleshoot and help resolve any transport issues. There is no need to contact multiple companies or people for support.

“On the flip side, it also makes selling on Dealerslink easy because the seller doesn’t have to pay any sell fees or transportation costs,” said Mike Goicoechea, CEO. “They get a check for the full amount without any fees, and someone picks up the car.”

The convenience of arranging transport through Dealerslink frees up time for dealers to sell more units and make more profit. For more information on the advantages of arranging shipment through Dealerslink, call 844-777-7872 or email

If you’re already a Dealerslink member, ask your rep about how to seamlessly arrange for vehicle shipping.

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