Rural Dealership, Huge Impact

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The automotive industry is a complex and ever-changing landscape. In the face of corporate giants and online retailers, small businesses often struggle to compete. However, there is one area where small businesses continue to thrive: rural dealerships. 

In small towns and rural areas, these dealerships are often the only source of new and used vehicles. They provide an essential service to their communities by offering a convenient place to purchase and service vehicles, and they typically have strong relationships with their customers. In addition, they create jobs and generate tax revenue.

Without these dealerships, many rural areas would be without a vital source of economic activity. As a result, they play a vital role in the automotive industry. Without them, many people would be forced to travel long distances to purchase a car, and the industry, as a whole, would be less diverse. They play an important role in keeping the automotive industry running smoothly.

Dealership Highlight of the Month

With roots in small-town Wyoming, Dealerslink is a proud supporter of rural dealerships nationwide and today we are taking a closer look at Taylor Chevrolet Buick Cadillac in Rexburg, ID. 

“Idaho is not so rural anymore, it’s been growing so much. The last 10 years our business has been great, especially the last two years.”

David Taylor, Dealer Principal at Taylor Chevrolet

While Idaho may not be as rural as some of our dealerships, it was back in 1928 when they opened their doors. One of the reasons for their success is their loyal customers. They work hard to make sure their customers stay customers of Taylor Chevrolet. With all the growth they have experienced, they try to attract and maintain new customers. 

Taylor Chevrolet Buick Cadillac is a full line dealership, body shop, truck shop, parts and service and sales and has around 55 employees. Turnover has been really low, and most employees choose to retire with the dealership. With the smaller town it was very tight knit but with the growth, things are changing a bit and not as tight knit as it was. 

Community Involvement

The community involvement and support of David Taylor and Taylor Chevrolet is extensive. They support the local 4-H program and are major supporters of the local family crisis center. Taylor has served on the local school board for the last decade and is currently the Airport Board Chairman and is an active member in his church. 

Taylor, also a pilot, is part of Angel Flights, an organization that delivers health and hope using donated flights to serve those with healthcare or other compelling human needs, where he donates his plane and his time to help.

“I take patients like children’s burn victims, by donating the plane and time to fly people who don’t have the means, or they might be in a place that’s really difficult to get a victim from where they live, to a burn center – without having to take a 15 hour car ride.”

Agriculture Community and Electric Vehicles

The Agricultural economy in Idaho is doing well, also. Taylor Chevrolet serves a lot of farms and farm related businesses, and the EV revolution is upon them. Taylor adopted the EV change early and was pretty gung-ho from the beginning. They put all the infrastructure in and are selling many electric vehicles.

“The electric truck makes a lot of sense on the farm,” said Taylor. “The EV’s are not sucking up dirt, plugging filters and you don’t need to change the oil. EV’s are a perfect vehicle for a farm hand truck if the price is right!”


Taylor’s best Thanksgiving memory, “The best memories are made every year. This year all our kids and grandkids are coming, 12 grandkids are showing up and they will have a great time! When it’s all said and done, there is only one group around you when you’re born and one group around you when you die – and it’s both your family. Everything that happens in the middle is incidental and temporary. You must pay attention to what’s important.”

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