Setting New Year’s Resolutions for a Thriving 2024 at Your Dealership 

by | Jan 1, 2024 | Inventory Management, Marketplace, Used Car | 0 comments

As we gear up for the start of another promising year in automotive sales, it’s crucial for dealerships to navigate the road ahead with strategic planning and a people-centric approach. We are exploring key resolutions to ensure success in 2024, with insights from some of the country’s largest automotive groups. 

Prioritizing People: The Heartbeat of Your Dealership  

At the core of a successful dealership lies its people. In recent years, the industry has grappled with finding the right individuals to join the automotive family. High turnover rates among new hires pose a significant challenge, especially as the post-COVID pricing boom settles. The focus for 2024 must be on identifying and retaining the right talent. 

Investing in Internal Training Programs  

To combat turnover and boost overall morale, investing in comprehensive training programs is paramount. Beyond the basics, allocate resources for ongoing professional development and wage growth for employees. This not only enhances skill sets but also fosters loyalty, leading to increased tenure and improved employee retention. 

Anticipating the Technician Shortage  

In 2024, the shortage of skilled service technicians is expected to reach critical levels. A proactive approach involves increasing wages, enhancing benefits, and investing in advanced training and facilities to attract and retain top-tier talent. As service departments are crucial for overall profitability, staying ahead of the looming shortage is key for sustained success. 

Ongoing Recruiting and Training  

Implementing a continuous recruiting plan and refining training programs for new hires ensures a steady influx of skilled individuals into your dealership. By cultivating a culture of learning and growth, you’ll not only attract top talent but also retain them for the long haul. 

Reassessing Vendors and Expenses  

At the beginning of this year, take the time to evaluate vendor relationships, expenses, and costs. Seek additional discounts and explore opportunities to save money. Consider platforms like Dealerslink, known for its cost-effectiveness compared to other providers, to optimize your dealership’s operational efficiency and financial health. 

Setting Up Dealership and Department Goals  

Establish clear goals and standards for each department within your dealership. Focus on maintaining a lean inventory, particularly with rising interest rates, to avoid costly unsold inventory. Accelerate vehicle turn time by streamlining processes in the shop and detail department, ensuring a smoother and more profitable operation. 

As we rev our engines for the challenges and opportunities that 2024 brings, a people-first approach and strategic resolutions will pave the way for success in the automotive industry. By investing in your team, staying ahead of industry trends, and optimizing operational efficiency, your dealership can pave the way for growth and thrive in the new year. 

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