Introducing AuctionLink 2.0, Auto Sourcing Made Simple

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Broomfield, CO – After years of research and development, automotive software provider Dealerslink has just revealed its latest brainchild: AuctionLink 2.0. This searchable auction database combines intel from 92 Manheim auctions and over 200 independent auctions, allowing dealers to gain a combined, in-depth view of the auction market.

Originally developed in 2015, AuctionLink served as a digital auction house within the Dealerslink platform where dealers could list and bid on vehicles that were listed by AuctionLink users. AuctionLink 2.0 builds off this feature, but adds an enhanced search tool, allowing users to view and navigate to vehicle listings anywhere in the country. Aimed at promoting efficiency and ease of navigation, AuctionLink 2.0 offers unmatched market visibility for auction listings across the nation.

“The support and innovation with AuctionLink 2.0 are unmatched. It’s much simpler and easier to use than any other product I’ve dealt with. The willingness to adapt to feedback from the support team is something I was never able to get with StockWave and vAuto. If I ever open my own store, Dealerslink will be the first place I call.

Scott Allen, General Sales Manager of Roger Dabbs Chevrolet

Robust in nature, the newest rendition of the AuctionLink platform provides a variety of filters and data points to help dealers navigate to the exact market segment that they’re looking for, offering up to 5 days of advanced market data. Basic search figures include vehicle make, model, and year, with users also having the ability to filter vehicles by distance and zip code.

For an in-depth analysis, each vehicle is given a grade within the AuctionLink 2.0 system, based on a rating from the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA). Ranging from 1-5, each grade reflects on a vehicle’s condition and value, corresponding with a color-coded “traffic light” rating, a red, yellow, and green circle next to each score. With a variety of data points and evaluation methods, AuctionLink 2.0 allows dealers to easily find exactly what they’re looking for.

“AuctionLink 2.0 has been a five-year dream in the making, to build a global auction search for all auctions that complements our 15-year-old dealer-to-dealer marketplace,” remarks Dealerslink CEO Mike Goicoechea. “With over 150,000 used vehicles, AuctionLink 2.0 now gives dealers the most complete model of used inventory available for sale on dealer lots or in-lane. We are excited to give Dealerslink members a competitive advantage in this era of inventory shortages!”

To learn more about AuctionLink 2.0 and the Dealerslink platform, visit us online at

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