Dealerslink Releases Groundbreaking Trade-In Appraisal Features

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Broomfield, CO – After a soft release this past week, automotive software leader Dealerslink has added a new set of trade evaluation features to its FastBook platform. These intuitive new features are aimed at giving dealers a data-driven approach that justifies trade-in vehicle values while increasing transparency with customers.

In line with the Dealerslink modernized, data-driven approach to car sales, these new trade evaluation tools can help dealers more accurately and efficiently appraise a vehicle for a customer. With a variety of built-in industry and retail market statistics as well as car history information, the system promotes increased transparency and trust during the customer trade valuation process.

Built into the FastBook appraisal platform, these new features use several true-market data points to justify a more accurate trade-in offer that dealers can be confident in presenting to their customers.

In the words of Dealerslink Founder and VP of Development Mike Goicoechea, “We are excited to deliver another industry first. These new trade evaluation features culminate 10 years of analytics progression.  They allow desk managers to identify vehicle characteristics that lower the value of the trade and then communicate them to the customer. There is no process more critical to dealership profitability than trade offer justification. This has the potential to increase dealership profitability by hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Once a dealer enters this information into the appraisal system, it creates a custom trade-in appraisal for the customer, breaking down the offer and showing the comparison based on other book values. A secondary page is also provided, showing vehicle history, a vehicle inspection report, and market analysis for their trade-in vehicle. With merely the click of a button, a dealer can present an accurate, fully justified, data-backed trade-in appraisal for a customer, valuating their vehicle with full transparency.

trade-in appraisal

“This new feature allows dealers to be more confident in their appraisal price while providing unmatched transparency for the customer. It’s a modern data-driven approach to justifying trade-in values,” describes Dealerslink Services Director, Devon Peterson.

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