GM Approves Dealerslink for GM iMR Turnkey Program Provider for Inventory Management Services

by | May 22, 2023 | Dealerslink News, Inventory Management, Used Car | 0 comments

Dealerslink, a leading provider of inventory management services, has recently been approved by General Motors (GM) as an in-Market Retail (iMR) Turnkey Product. This means that GM dealers can now take advantage of the benefits of Dealerslink’s inventory management services, while receiving co-op reimbursement from GM for their investment.

Dealerslink’s inventory management software is designed to help dealerships streamline their operations and boost sales in a variety of ways. With features such as Competitive Pricing, Appraising, Stocking recommendations, Sourcing, and Used-Car Merchandising, dealerships can manage their inventory more efficiently than ever before. Dealerslink’s All-In-One solution provides a comprehensive approach to inventory management that is both intuitive and innovative.

“If you work in the auto industry, you know that profits come from smart buying decisions. But do you know which vehicles are your top earners? And are your current tools helping you acquire them quickly and efficiently? These questions aren’t always easy to answer. Traditional evaluation methods, like book values, don’t always tell the whole story. Using DMS Profit connects the dots, so you get complete transparency when you are appraising and stocking as well as monitoring the overall health and profitability of your inventory, instantly! Our tool has helped DealersLink dealers make more profit per unit, month after month. This is the future of profitability and growth in the automotive industry.”

Taylor Hollingsworth, Executive Sales Manager

One of the most noticeable benefits of Dealerslink’s inventory management software is the ability to manage inventory in real-time, making it possible to stay on top of trends, adjust pricing strategies and stock vehicles based on real-time market needs. This allows dealers to be more proactive with their inventory management, rather than reactive. The software also provides dealers with access to real-time data and analytics that help identify areas where they can improve operations and profitability.

Another key benefit offered by Dealerslink is the software’s ability to provide accurate appraisals of vehicles, ensuring that cars are priced correctly. This has a significant impact on the dealership’s bottom line, as pricing can make or break sales of both new and used vehicles. Simply put, the more efficient and accurate the appraisal process is, the more informed the buyer and the better the sales experience.

Dealerslink’s approach to Used-Car Merchandising is also a game-changer for dealerships. Dealerslink provides a wealth of tools and resources that are designed to help dealers create engaging listings that attract buyers and drive sales. This allows dealers to effectively merchandise their inventory to a wider audience, improving the chances of selling a vehicle in a timely manner.

“With the approval of Dealerslink as a GM Turnkey vendor, we are excited to expand our relationship with GM dealers. With our industry leading suite of inventory management tools we look forward to connecting more GM dealers to more profit.”

Santos Goicoechea – VP of Operations

Dealerslink’s recent certification from GM as a turnkey program provider for inventory management services co-op matching funds is great news for GM dealerships. Dealerslink provides the necessary tools and features to effectively manage inventory in real-time, accurately price and appraise vehicles, and market inventory with innovative strategies and methods. By working with GM dealerships, Dealerslink has established a proven track record of helping dealerships save time, money, and increase profitability. Dealerslink is a valuable resource for GM dealerships looking to improve their operations, reach more buyers, and drive sales.

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