Celebrating Joy: Employee Spotlights on Christmas Traditions  

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‘Tis the Season for Heartwarming Stories 

As the holiday spirit fills the air, we took a moment to sit down with some of our amazing employees and learn about their favorite Christmas traditions, what brings them joy during this festive season, and some cherished memories. Join us as we unwrap the stories of Jason, Mo, Brian, Thomas and Tony. 

Jason, Regional Sales Manager: Spreading Sweetness on Christmas Eve 

Favorite Christmas Tradition: “My favorite Christmas tradition is a simple one. Milk and cookies on Christmas Eve! Santa’s not the only one who gets to enjoy this treat.” 

What He Looks Forward to: “Around Christmas, I look forward to seeing family. The laughter, the stories, and the warmth of being together make this time of the year truly special.” 

Favorite Christmas Memory: “Without a doubt, my favorite Christmas memory is marrying my wife around Christmas time. Our anniversary serves as a constant reminder of the love and joy that this season can bring.” 

Mo, Dealer Consultant: Embracing the Warmth of Summer 

Favorite Season: “I march to the beat of a different drum! Summer is my favorite season. The warm weather, the freedom to travel, outdoor adventures, and spending time on the golf course make it an unbeatable time of the year for me.” 

What He Looks Forward to: “During the summer, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to travel and create lasting memories with my family. Those experiences from my youth, exploring new places with my loved ones, have left an indelible mark on my heart.” 

Favorite Memory: “One of the highlights of my childhood was going on trips with my family. Those carefree summer days, discovering new places, are etched in my memory as some of the best times of my life.” 

Brian, Integration Engineer: Unwrapping Joy and Giving Back 

Head shot of Brian

Favorite Christmas Tradition (Growing Up): “When I was a kid, my favorite Christmas tradition was getting to open a gift on Christmas Eve. We would always have dinner with the family that night and all the kids would get to open a gift. The best gift I ever received on Christmas eve was the Nintendo DS and a spiderman game. My jaw DROPPED when I saw it. I love video games!” 

What He Looks Forward to: “Now that I’m older, I look forward to the food and the nostalgic feeling of being a kid during Christmas. The joy of giving gifts is something I cherish, even if I can’t resist the urge to give them early. ‘Open it NOW!’ is my mantra!” 

Favorite Memory: “Choosing a favorite Christmas memory is tough, but if I had to pick one, it would be getting my first bike. The sheer excitement of that moment is something I’ll never forget. It’s the simple joys that make the holiday season magical.” 

Thomas, Sr Dealer Consultant: A Tradition of Trees and Tumbles 

Favorite Christmas Tradition: “We’ve started a new tradition in the last 5 years or so of going out and chopping down our Christmas tree. Lots of wandering around in the woods, freezing, and coming home with a Charlie Brown tree, but it’s always a good time.” 

What He Looks Forward to: “Holiday movies are a must for me. Christmas Vacation, Elf, A Christmas Story, and yes, even Die Hard—all month long. It’s the perfect way to get into the festive spirit.” 

Favorite Memory: “As a kid, we used to play indoor baseball in my grandparents’ basement on Christmas Eve. One year, I tried a head-first slide into home and ended up busting my lip, requiring a Christmas Eve ER visit and loads of stitches. I had to open presents on Christmas morning with a giant fat lip. The home video is still tough to watch!” 

Tony, Senior UI Developer: Early Start, Quality Time, and Santa Surprises 

headshot of Tony

Favorite Christmas Tradition: “My wife calls it ‘Tree-trim-apalooza,’ and it happens right after Halloween. We make a ton of appetizers, watch Elf, and decorate the tree. She’s a huge fan of Christmas, and we get started early.” 

What He Looks Forward to: “This time of year, I look forward to taking time off and just spending quality time with my family. It’s a prime opportunity to create fun memories.” 

Favorite Memory: “When my oldest son was 4 years old, he was just starting to understand Santa. He really wanted an orange bike. We prepared him for what to say to Santa and told him he’d have to sit on his lap and ask him for an orange bike when it was his turn. He kept saying okay, and the moment we put him on Santa’s lap, he freaked out and started screaming because he got scared. He never was able to ask him, but somehow, he still got that orange bike… go figure!” 

This holiday season, we’re grateful for the diverse traditions, memories, and experiences that our team brings to the table. It’s a reminder that, regardless of our backgrounds, we all share in the joy of creating and cherishing special moments. From all of us to you, may your holidays be filled with joy, laughter, and the warmth of cherished traditions! 

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