Dealerslink partners up with J.D. Power, ChromeData and Autosoft providing huge product upgrades. 

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New Partnership with J.D. Power and ChromeData

Dealerslink has announced a new partnership with J.D. Power and ChromeData that will allow the company to offer Ford and Toyota OEM build data to include Lincoln and Lexus data. 

“We are thrilled to announce the addition of Ford, Lincoln, Toyota and Lexus to our existing OEM list! This is a major win for our dealers that opens new doors for growth and success.”

Devon Peterson, VP Dealer Services, Dealerslink

This upgraded product will give dealers access to VIN level options and packages, ensuring that they are providing accurate information to their customers about what is actually on the vehicle. 

“With our improved trim matching and CompViews, we can help our dealers effortlessly identify and compare vehicles on the same trim level. This ensures they’re accurately comparing “apples-to-apples” rather than “apples-to-oranges”, resulting in a much easier process of determining an appropriate price,” continued Peterson.

The manual process for updating Ford and Toyota options has been automated thanks to this new partnership. Dealers need accurate data more than ever to stay competitive, and this upgrade provides just that. Thanks to J.D. Power and ChromeData, Dealerslink is able to continue supplying the automotive industry with the most up-to-date data available.

Partnering up with Autosoft 

Dealerslink, a provider of automotive dealership software, has also partnered with Autosoft to provide dealers with accurate profit data. This partnership will allow dealers to obtain detailed information on the most profitable units within their dealership. The data will be extracted directly from the dealer’s DMS system and will not require any changes or modifications from the dealer’s end. As a result, this product provides an immediate benefit to the dealer without any added effort. Thanks to this new partnership, Dealerslink is able to offer its customers an industry-leading product that provides unmatched accuracy and insight into dealership profits. Dealerslink is already in partnership with CDK, Reynolds&Reynolds and Dealertrack.

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