Dealerslink Implements New PowerSlide Feature

by | Feb 1, 2022 | New Car, Press Releases, Used Car | 0 comments

Broomfield, CO – Dealerslink, the nation’s fastest-growing automotive software provider, has just announced its newest feature launch: PowerSlide, a group-specific photo customization tool. This is the first tool upgrade for the brand in 2022, foreshadowing a variety of new Dealerslink launches and initiatives to come throughout the year.

Aimed at helping dealers boost their advertising imagery, the PowerSlide feature consists of three major components: image overlays, image placeholders, and in-photo advertising slides.

Overlays allow dealers to easily place their logo over an existing image, while placeholders allow them to easily insert a “photos coming soon” slide onto a listing awaiting proper imagery.

In-photo advertising slides create further promotional opportunities, allowing dealers group-specific customization. Once a dealership has creative content they’d like to promote, they can use the PowerSlide tool to automate what promotions will be shown, which listings they will appear on, and how often they will be seen. This easily adaptable feature allows dealers to put advertising where there is the most consumer traffic.

In the words of Dealerslink VP of Dealer Services, Devon Peterson, “Most customers don’t look at the entire VDP page to see all the details. They look at the pictures and the price. With this tool, a dealer can add specific information to the photo reel, based on numerous criteria, to get the info in front of the consumer.”

Overall, the tool is focused on simplifying the promotional process for car dealers, offering an all-new, simplified approach to digital advertising for those using the Dealerslink platform.

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