Dealerslink Back-end F&I Profit integration is Live, Revolutionizing Dealership Insights  

by | Dec 19, 2023 | Dealerslink News, Inventory Management, Press Releases, Support | 0 comments

Dealerslink, a leading innovator in automotive inventory and analytics solutions, proudly announces the launch of its highly anticipated Back-end F&I Profit Integration, which is set to transform how dealerships analyze and maximize their front and back-end gross profits.

“It is not uncommon for dealers to generate more profit from finance and insurance packages than from the actual sale of the vehicle,” said Mike Goicoechea, VP Development at Dealerslink. “With the introduction of F&I Profit, our customers can now visualize and analyze these crucial details right within their account.”

Traditionally, a car deal is divided into two crucial components — the front end, representing the profit derived from the vehicle’s cost versus its retail price, and the back end, which involves additional revenue streams such as warranties, aftermarket equipment, service plans, financing, and insurance.

The F&I Profit integration from Dealerslink allows dealers to combine this critical back-end information with front-end DMS profit data, offering a holistic perspective of the transaction. This invaluable insight allows dealers to strategically rotate inventory and make informed decisions for future acquisitions.

The F&I Profit integration is now live on the Dealerslink network and seamlessly integrates with Sold Vehicle Reports, offering a comprehensive view of both front and back-end profitability.

“We are thrilled to meet the demands of our current customers and address the needs of dealerships seeking a back-end view for better decision-making,” added Mike Goicoechea. “This is a significant milestone for Dealerslink, and we anticipate high adoption rates as dealers recognize the potential impact of F&I Profit on their bottom line.”

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