Dealerslink gives us a huge competitive advantage.

I was a huge vAuto guy. Unlike vAuto, I can actually reduce my competition field down based on mileage.

Scott McKinnon, General Manager of Renaldo Honda describes how switching from vAuto to Dealerslink has given him and his team an unparalleled competitive advantage, changing the way that they source, manage and exit their inventory. There is a reason that 98.9% of dealers who switch to Dealerslink stay with Dealerslink.

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Switching From vAuto

Renaldo Honda made the switch from vAuto to Dealerslink over one year ago and as a self-proclaimed ‘big vAuto guy’ it was not a decision that Scott took lightly.

Unlike vAuto, I can actually reduce my competition field down based on mileage.

NADA Prebook Report

Using the NADA Prebook Report, Scott and his team gain the upper hand over their competition when it comes to pricing.

Typically, book values update on the first of each month, letting dealers know if their inventory has appreciated or depreciated. However, with the NADA Prebook Report, dealers like Scott receive this information a week early. Using this tool, Scott and his team know if they should buy or sell their inventory before their competition does. It’s that simple.

“Dealerslink gives us a huge competitive advantage. […] It helps us trade for more cars. It helps us acquire more inventory at auction sites. It’s nice to know what’s happening with your inventory.” – Scott McKinnon

NADA Pre-Book Report

An Exit Strategy For Aged Used Inventory

Why take your aged units off your lot and ship them to auction to sell when you can sell direct to thousands of Dealerslink members nationwide without sell fees.

After switching from vAuto Scott now has access to the Dealerslink marketplace – The nation’s largest dealer-to-dealer marketplace with zero buy or sell fees.

In one week, Renaldo Honda saved $6,050 in auction fees selling 11 units, as a direct result of using the Dealerslink Marketplace. Better yet, the dealership saved $3,300 from not having to transport those vehicles to auction.


Total amount saved in fees and transport costs during one week in May 2021*


Estimated total amount Renaldo Honda saves every year using the Dealerslink Marketplace*

*Based on $550 per vehicle, the low end of fees at auction
*Based on the average auto auction transport costs ~$1 per mile for 300 miles.

Start Selling Aged Inventory Without Added Fees and Costs

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I signed on with buying and selling cars on Dealerslink and in 28 years of being in the car business I look at people and I say guess how many auctions that I’ve been to… I’ve been to zero live auctions zero and that’s because the tools that I’ve been given from Dealerslink, being able to make those Acquisitions being able to sell my inventory, move my inventory. They’ve been an absolute phenomenal help to me, and we’ve absolutely loved it. 

Chris Cain  Toyota of Sylacauga
Chris Cain

We had a lot of issues using the app with vAuto. We never had any issues with Dealerslink.

Brendon Mdluli GSM / I20 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram
Brendon Mdluli

It’s very easy to use, works just as well as vAuto, and there are newer features – and it saved us money overall. It’s a seamless transition from vAuto to Dealerslink.

Josh Allison GSM / Abernethy Chevrolet Buick GMC / Former vAuto User
Josh Allison