We were told the 'used-car factory' doesn't exist. I believe Dealerslink is that used-car factory.

You know the cars you're getting are frontline ready and it saves you money.

The biggest benifit is that there are no buy or sell fees using Dealerslink

I've been a Dealerslink Member for the past five years.

Bobby Maynard, General Manager of Sims Honda and Northwest Honda explains how he uses Dealerslink's Dealer-To-Dealer marketplace to locate clean, retail-ready used vehicles directly from other dealers saving his dealership thousands of dollars a month in auction fees.

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You know the cars you're getting are frontline ready and it saves you money. – Bobby Maynard

Sims Honda does 30 to 40 transactions on the Dealerslink Marketplace every month, which saves the dealership $126,000 - $168,000 a year in auction fees. Because marketplace vehicles are retail-ready Sims Honda sees additional savings in reconditioning and lot ready times.


Cars Purchased Per Month


Auction Fee Savings Per Year


Lot Ready Time Savings Per Year


Auction Fee Savings Per Year

* Based on $350 per vehicle, the low end of fees at auction.
* Based on the industry average time of six days to get a vehicle lot-ready (costing an average of $50 per day) vs. two days for vehicles obtained through our Marketplace.
* Based on the low end of $300 per vehicle in reconditioning costs

Customer Locates: The Used-Car Factory

The Dealerslink Marketplace offers 24/7 access to an inventory of more than 50,000 clean retail-ready used vehicles across the U.S.
A customer came walking in one day looking for a late-model hardtop Mazda Miata, said Maynard. Using Dealerslink, I was able to locate that car that day, print out a customer brochure, and get a deposit from the customer pending final inspection. Within a week and a half the customer took delivery, and the transaction generated a high ROI with the potential for repeat business.
We have bought cars as far a Pennsylvania and Texas. Dealerslink allows us to hand-select what will work best at our dealership and be able to bring in those vehicles from all over at a cost that is way less expensive than our local auction.

And that's how you can use the Dealerslink Marketplace to succeed.

Over 50,000 Vehicles

Clean, Retail-Ready Inventory

Below Wholesale

Thousands of vehicles priced below wholesale book value.

No Auction Fees

Unlimited transactions without any auction fees.

No long term contracts

We earn your business every month.

Start Buying Retail-Ready Vehicles Without Added Fees and Costs

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