Using Dealerslink to expand your dealership’s inventory footprint

Cam Stewart, Managing Partner of Lake Norman Hyundai has been in the industry for over 40 years and has been using Dealerslink for over three.

Watch as Cam discusses how using the Dealerslink platform has helped his dealership develop a larger inventory footprint and supplement their sales with 30-40 units a month.

How would an extra 30-40 units a month look at your dealership?

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Expand your dealership’s inventory footprint

Cam Stuart and his managers use Dealerslink every day to access inventory, look at their inventory, and analyze the market valuations on other dealers’ inventory. 

Where Dealerslink has helped Cam find the most success is helping them to expand their inventory footprint on their website. 

“That’s one of the cool things about Dealerslink, is there are so many vehicles to choose from,” said Cam. “Typically, we’re able to supplement our sales with 30-40 units a month.”

Here is how Cam uses Dealerslink to expand his dealership’s offerings and to always have the right car, for every customer.

Internal Trading Network

A common tactic among dealer groups is to pool combined inventory.

“We take all our shared inventory with our sister stores and publish those online because we’re able to use Dealerslink as our trading tool,” said Cam.

Dealerslink makes it simple to create custom trading networks with any other members. As an added bonus for dealer groups; managers can Instantly see profit potential on each unit at each location, using a combination, of live market analytics and historic DMS profits.

Dealerslink Marketplace

Besides being able to search Manheim, OpenLane, and all independent auctions with one search portal, the Dealerslink marketplace also provides direct access to thousands of other vehicles available to purchase directly from other dealers, without paying a middle man or auction fees.

Cam stated, “When you have 20,000 cars to choose from, you can pretty much whittle it down.”


Cam and his team are sourcing an additional 40-50 vehicles a month through Dealerslink, but what happens after the purchase when they need to transport their newly acquired vehicles?

“Another thing that’s nice is they have transportation built-in with ACERTUS,” said cam. “You can just click a button and have your vehicle delivered to you.”

Vehicle Condition

Dealerslink uses an “eBay” style rating system that lets dealers read other member reviews before buying or selling to another dealership.

“The condition of most vehicles that we’ve taken in are very good,” said Cam. “We do ask for CR’s, when we talk to use car managers or whomever the person is we’re speaking with at the store.”

Cam even said “Most people are very good about walking around inventory or checking it out for us. So we do deliver a high-quality car.”

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We like to, instead of sending cars over to auction, trade within the group through Dealerslink. That way we can maximize control of our inventory.

Al McDowell Trainer / Teton Auto Group
Al McDowell

When we started talking to Dealerslink, we realized that you guys were sweeping all of the dealers’ websites, pretty much every third party, but a lot more data going into what we were looking at.

Marianna Varela Marketing Director / All Star Ford
Marianna Varela

I signed on with buying and selling cars on Dealerslink and in 28 years of being in the car business I look at people and I say guess how many auctions that I’ve been to… I’ve been to zero live auctions zero and that’s because the tools that I’ve been given from Dealerslink, being able to make those Acquisitions being able to sell my inventory, move my inventory. They’ve been an absolute phenomenal help to me, and we’ve absolutely loved it. 

Chris Cain  Toyota of Sylacauga
Chris Cain