The Inventory Management Tool Exceeds Expectations

Bob Ruth is the Sales Manager at Oliver Ford Lincoln. With over 40 years in the car business, Bob has experience using different inventory management solutions. After switching over to Dealerslink 5 years ago he talks about his experience. 

“ The number one thing it does for me is save time.”

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Saving Time with Dealerslink

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use platform for buying and selling cars, Dealerslink is the way to go. With its simple VIN scanning and mileage input, you can quickly get a detailed report on any car. And if you’re not sure about the condition of a car, you can always use the appraisal feature.

With the Dealerslink valuation tool it’s easy to note anything wrong with the vehicle from minor dents to engine damage and everything in between. Wholesale reporting, MMR, KBB and Black Book along with retail prices are all at your fingertips. 

“… the ease of appraising a vehicle is what I really like about it.” – Bob Ruth

Dealerslink Inventory Management tool has been a surprise to Bob and has exceeded his expectations. With all the fluctuations in the market on a daily basis, using this tool helps to see if a vehicle is priced too high or low, he can then adjust  the price accordingly. 

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