We’ve been a Dealerslink Member for the past 13 years.

Dealerslink allows us to research the vehicles we really want and need.

Dave Sloan, General Sales Manager at Weld County Garage shows how he increased annual returns by over $1,000,000 by dealing directly with other dealers. Dave was able to retail more units by having extra inventory to offer his customers and increased his front and back-end grosses accelerated his cash flow and improved vehicle turn rates. He also reduced wholesale losses and eliminated auction fees, wholesaler fees, and transport fees.

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We usually sell around 15 vehicles a month and purchase 40 vehicles a month, all with NO lane fees. – Dave Slone

Weld County Garage typically does 55 transactions on the Dealerslink Marketplace every month, which saves the dealership $339,600 a year in auction fees, transport costs, reconditioning and lot ready times. They saw an annual increase of 28% in retail profits while eliminating wholesale losses and improving turn.

Retail Profit Center

With access to 50,000+ retail-ready vehicles available without auction fees, Weld County Garage is able to stock in-demand vehicles that require less recon at a price that ensures stable margins.

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Units Retailed Per Month

Retail Profit Per Year

Based on $400 Dealer Pac and $2,855 average profit (combined front and back-end gross) per unit.

Auction Fee Savings Per Year

Based on $550 per unit.

Lot-Ready Savings Per Year

Based on the industry average time of six days to get a vehicle lot-ready (costing an average of $50 per day) vs. two days for vehicles obtained through the Dealerslink Marketplace.

Wholesale Profit Center

With the ability to wholesale inventory directly from their lot, Weld County Garage was able to increase turn while eliminating transportation cost and auction sell fees.

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Units Wholesaled Per Month

Wholesale Profit Per Year

Based on $40 Dealer Pac and $500 average profit per unit.

Auction Fee Savings Per Year

Based on $550 per unit.

Transportation Savings Per Year

Based on the average auto auction transport costs ~$1 per mile for 300 miles.

Total Annual Profit and Savings

Total Annual Profit

Total Annual Savings

Over 50,000 Vehicles

Clean, Retail-Ready Inventory

Reduce Holding Cost

Get vehicles front line ready for less cost

No Auction Fees

Ensure stable used vehicle margins.

No long term contracts

We earn your business every month.

Start Buying and Selling Vehicles Without Added Fees and Costs

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When I was growing up in the business, we were told the ‘used-car factory’ doesn’t exist. I believe Dealerslink is that used-car factory.

Bobby Maynard General Manager of Sims Honda and Northwest Honda
Bobby Maynard

The things that I see, that are most important to me, is the functionality that Dealerslink provides to a car person. 

Chris Koster COO / Stanley Automotive Group
Chris Koster

The funny thing about Dealerslink for me, it’s made me in my dealerships all through the years that I’ve been on there with them for the last 18 years super successful…

Chris Cain  Toyota of Sylacauga
Chris Cain