Dealerslink v2.5 Now Live

Dealerslink Version 2.5 is now live. Dealerslink is proud to deliver several new enhancements to our exiting platform to maximize user experience when accessing over 9,100 vehicles:

New Appraisal Tool

– This new program consolidates all book values into one:
> Kelley Blue Book
> Black Book
> Dealerslink comps
– Appraise vehicles by entering a VIN into the “Appraise Vehicle” launcher on the homepage or by clicking the “Book It” button on any vehicle page.

New Watch List

– Save vehicles to your watch list by clicking the “Save” button on any vehicle page.
– View watch list vehicles by clicking the “Watch List” button on the top navigation bar.
– Add a vehicle to your search list by clicking the “Add Vehicle” button on the watch list page. This allows you to automate searching.

Optimized Search Engine

– The new search engine clocks 40%-60% faster than version 2.4.
– Click the “Advanced” button on the search engine to view new search parameters:
> Search by mileage range
> Search by price range
> Search by fuel type
> Search by drive type
> Sort by body
> Sort by newest listings
> Display by customer view
– Reformatted search results are now displayed 30 per page.
– Rapidly view photos by scrolling mouse over camera icon.

New PDF Vehicle file exporter

– Export portable vehicle PDF files from Dealerslink to customers by clicking the “Export PDF” button on the vehicle page.

To learn more about Dealerslink®
CONTACT: Travis Wise at 877-859-7080 x302 travis.wise@Dealerslink.com  

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