Dealerslink Launches DMS Product Profit Feature

DMS Product Profit

Fresh on the heels of NADA 2022, Dealerslink has just announced its latest feature release: the DMS Product Profit feature. Aimed at increasing both transparency and efficiency, this analytic tool integrates a variety of data points to give dealers an in-depth view of their potential profitability.

In line with the Dealerslink philosophy of connecting to profit, DMS Product Profit provides dealers with a new metric to measure success. This feature allows dealerships to use their own DMS data to help pinpoint which vehicles to stock their lots with, without the time and effort of collecting the data. Furthermore, it provides the groundwork to help dealers achieve front-end profitability. Both Dealertrack and CDK are already integrated with this new tool.

The feature is easily accessible from the Dealerslink homepage. Users must simply navigate to either the velocity report or any appraisal, and the profit column will be newly present. If necessary, users can “drill down” within the velocity report to see how specific models or years of vehicles have historically performed at their dealership.

“Given the poor user experience of a typical DMS interface, Dealerslink is aiming to present information to the dealer in an easier, more digestible fashion,” describes Devon Peterson, VP of Sales at Dealerslink. “Instead of guessing which vehicles to stock their lots with, dealers can now use real data to connect to profit.”

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