Dealership Software for Marketing Directors

Attract new and pre-owned car buyers, trade-ins and service customers, convert more automotive leads and build customer loyalty with our award-winning digital merchandising technology and advertising solutions.

Dealerslink can help marketing teams:

  • Market their dealership and inventory
  • Provide automotive industry-specific features
  • Create VIN-specific ads, post pictures, and capture leads

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Marketing Director on Dealership Lot

Best Automotive Marketing Software

The job of an automotive marketing director is one of the most difficult in the industry. Marketing new and pre-owned cars, trucks, and other vehicles is an important factor in determining the success or failure of the dealership.

These marketing executives need to ensure that they are at the top of their game not only for their professional success but the overall success of the dealership.

The first step in increasing productivity in automotive marketing positions is to develop an automated merchandising strategy needed for daily success and targeted advertising & social media marketing to attract more leads & customers to your dealership.

Automotive marketing software from Dealerslink is designed to help marketing directors and their teams market their services and improve their customer base. Automotive marketing software enables new and pre-owned car dealerships to capture more leads, empowering them with the ability to make more sales. These merchandising and marketing tools help franchise and independent dealerships create online listings for their cars, create and distribute marketing materials, and capture and retain leads.

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Tools and Features for Automotive Marketing Directors
The fastest and easiest way to get your vehicles online.


The ability to learn about cars, look through photos, watch videos, and read reviews from your computer or mobile device isn’t exactly new. Many car buyers, even if they make their final decision and purchase in person on a car lot, will use digital tools at some point during the process to gather information, compare vehicles, or take a virtual tour or test drive.

Top marketing teams leverage advanced merchandising tools from Dealerslink to drive more traffic and advertising ROI from their website and third-party sites.

  • Enhanced OEM Data
  • Photo Management
  • VDP Metrics
  • Impel Partnership

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Google My Business Vehicle Listings

As shoppers are looking for dealerships and available inventory in your area, they can easily browse your “Cars for Sale” right from their Google search, giving your dealership extra visibility.

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Google my listing inventory search
eBay inventory ads

eBay Inventory Ads

Dealers benefit from an expanded online presence, increased national reach, and the ability to move hard-to-sell units or garner a higher price for high-demand vehicles. Our platform offers a seamless posting process on eBay – including autos, motorcycles, trailers and more!

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Craigslist Inventory Ads

Dealerships want to take advantage of Craigslist, but fall short when they attempt to manage it themselves. Craigslist doesn’t need to be confusing. Our automated program will create real-time sales opportunities and immediate ROI by keeping your inventory in front of local buyers. Think Autotrader or, but on a local subscription for much less.

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Craigslist Inventory Ads
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