Software for Dealership Social Media Managers

Engaging content on social media sites including Facebook and Instagram and an optimized Google Business Profile turn search and your social media into lead generators.

Keep your inventory availability consistent, current, and out front where in-market shoppers spend their time.

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The Top Social Media Managers Use Dealerslink

The social media manager is one of the most crucial individuals on your dealership’s marketing team. Over the past decade, their role has expanded from making mere postings and interacting with customers to running campaigns and managing ads. It’s a role that will continuously evolve with new technologies.

​Purchase-ready customers are looking for your vehicles online. The right message at the right time can provide the boost you need to motivate online shoppers to set foot in your dealership and become customers.

With Social Media Marketing from Dealerslink, your inventory takes center stage, bringing in more qualified buyers and boosting your sales.

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Tools and Features for Socail Media Managers

Craigslist Inventory Ads

Dealerships want to take advantage of Craigslist, but fall short when they attempt to manage it themselves. Craigslist doesn’t need to be confusing. Our automated program will create real-time sales opportunities and immediate ROI by keeping your inventory in front of local buyers. Think Autotrader or, but on a local subscription for much less.

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Craigslist Inventory Ads


Target auto-intenders on Facebook and Instagram using our mobile optimized ads and quickly transition consumers back to your website. Reporting directly writes to Google Analytics for tracking and leads get delivered directly to your CRM.

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Google My Business Vehicle Listings

As shoppers are looking for dealerships and available inventory in your area, they can easily browse your “Cars for Sale” right from their Google search, giving your dealership extra visibility.

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Google my listing inventory search
eBay inventory ads

eBay Inventory Ads

Dealers benefit from an expanded online presence, increased national reach, and the ability to move hard-to-sell units or garner a higher price for high-demand vehicles. Our platform offers a seamless posting process on eBay – including autos, motorcycles, trailers and more!

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We were using vAuto, getting frustrated with the same things being said over and over – it seemed like it was a race to the bottom. On top of that, fees were continuously rising.

Anthony Barreiro GM / South Charlotte Hyundai / Former vAuto User
Anthony Barreiro

If you are considering Dealerslink vs. what you’re currently using, or what else is on the market – take a look at the product, the layout, the similarities – and then look at the price of the product. It’s a no-brainer after you do that. Dealerslink is the way to go.

Thomas Pass GSM / Bob Mayberry Hyundai / Former vAuto User
Thomas Pass

It’s very easy to use, works just as well as vAuto, and there are newer features – and it saved us money overall. It’s a seamless transition from vAuto to Dealerslink.

Josh Allison GSM / Abernethy Chevrolet Buick GMC / Former vAuto User
Josh Allison