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Get first access to high-quality vehicles from Hertz Dealer Direct and Sixt Dealer Direct before they’re offered at ANY physical auction location.

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Product Features

The Most Affordable Used-Car Pricing Tool In The Industry

The average dealer now pays around $2,500 per month for their used-car booking and inventory-management tools. Dealerslink offers a superior platform with more accurate data with no long-term contracts or hidden costs. We work hard to earn your business every month.

Hertz Inventor

Dealerslink members now get first access to off-rent Hertz and Dollar Thrifty national inventory. Preview on-rent vehicles before they are available at auction.

Sixt Dealer Direct

Dealerslink allows dealers to access the Sixt’s premium inventory 24 hours a day 7 days a week online. Get first access to available off-rental vehicles nationwide.

Additional Features

Trim Packages

More luxury trim packages than any other carrier.

On Rent Inventory

Preview upcoming units still on-rent before they are offered for sale anywhere.

No Auction Fees Ever

Unlimited buy and sell transactions without auction fees.

Customer Service

Deal exclusively with your existing local Hertz and Sixt reps that you know and trust.

Connect To Profit

Grow your dealership
to the next level!

More features, more complete data sets, more inventory flexibility and costs, on average, 62% less than others like vAuto, DealerSocket or MaxDigital.

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Why are dealers talking about dealerslink?

Absolutely I’d suggest Dealerslink. Number one, the set up was a piece of cake and then the support towards us, when we reach out to them, is second to none… we are thrilled with the service that we get from Dealerslink.

Pete Smith Owner / Bob Smith Toyota
Pete Smith

We like to, instead of sending cars over to auction, trade within the group through Dealerslink. That way we can maximize control of our inventory.

Al McDowell Trainer / Teton Auto Group
Al McDowell

I also like how open they’ve [Dealerslink] always been to feedback and help… It’s more of a partnership than it is a vendor.

Phil Brooker Crater Lake Ford
Phil Brooker

When we started talking to Dealerslink, we realized that you guys were sweeping all of the dealers’ websites, pretty much every third party, but a lot more data going into what we were looking at.

Marianna Varela Marketing Director / All Star Ford
Marianna Varela

I use Dealerslink as a position to where I can shrink my overall spend on the front-end side and use Dealerslink as my used car factory.

John Canales Vin Traxx Automotive
John Canales

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Sims Honda Finds Next Best Thing to “Used-Car Factory”

Bobby Maynard, General Manager of Sims Honda and Northwest Honda explains how he uses Dealerslink’s Dealer-To-Dealer marketplace to locate clean, retail-ready used vehicles directly from other dealers saving his dealership thousands of dollars a month in auction fees.

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