Inventory Management Software for General Sales Managers

Dealerslink empowers General Sales Managers with valuable tools and insights to manage inventory effectively, make informed decisions, streamline processes, and improve overall dealership performance. It enables GSMs to stay competitive in the automotive market and deliver a better buying experience to their customers.

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GSMs encounter various inventory-related challenges that they must address to ensure smooth dealership operations and maximize sales.

Effectively addressing these inventory issues requires strong leadership, data-driven decision-making, and a deep understanding of market dynamics and customer preferences. Regularly evaluating and adjusting inventory strategies is essential for the success of the dealership under the guidance of the General Sales Manager.

DealersLink provides GSMs with the data, tools, and insights necessary to effectively manage inventory, make informed decisions, and achieve sales and profitability goals for their dealership.

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Tools and Features for General Managers

Inventory Listing and Management

DealersLink presents a comprehensive inventory listing and management system, providing GSMs with effortless capabilities to add, modify, and maintain vehicle listings, encompassing all vehicle particulars, pricing, and availability. This platform offers a user-friendly interface for seamless real-time inventory management.

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Market Pricing Analysis

DealersLink equips GSMs with market pricing analysis tools, enabling them to compare vehicle pricing against market trends and competitors. This invaluable feature ensures the implementation of competitive pricing strategies and maximizes vehicle profitability.

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Vehicle Appraisal and Acquisition

Within DealersLink, GSMs gain access to advanced tools for vehicle appraisal and acquisition. This comprehensive feature allows them to access crucial valuation data, such as market values and vehicle history reports. Armed with this information, GSMs can make well-informed decisions when acquiring vehicles for their inventory.

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Vehicle Appraisal and Acquisition
Dealership Inventory Analytics and Reporting from Dealerslink

Inventory Analytics and Reporting

Dealerslink offers robust analytics and reporting capabilities. General Managers can access various reports such as aging inventory, sales performance, gross profitability, days-to-turn, and more. These reports provide valuable insights into inventory performance, sales trends, and profitability, aiding decision-making processes.

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VIN Decoding and OEM Data Enhancement

DealersLink offers cutting-edge OEM VIN decoding and data enhancement tools that empower General Managers to effortlessly retrieve comprehensive vehicle information with a simple entry or scan of the vehicle VIN. This feature ensures utmost accuracy and detailed inventory data, enabling smoother dealership operations.

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Inventory Distribution and Syndication

With Dealerslink, GSMs can streamline inventory distribution and syndication effortlessly. The platform automates the process of distributing inventory listings to multiple online platforms and automotive marketplaces.

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Wholesale Marketplaces

DealersLink provides GSMs with a valuable advantage through its extensive network of dealerships and access to wholesale vehicle auctions. With these resources at their disposal, GSMs can source vehicles efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Balancing New and Used Inventory

DealersLink helps GSMs track the mix of new and used inventory, allowing them to adjust their procurement strategies to match customer demands and maximize profitability.

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