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Discover the game-changing power of the versatile software for Internet Sales Managers from Dealerslink. Unlock endless inventory possibilities and close more deals, whether that’s fully online or transitioning the customer to the physical dealership. Say goodbye to limited options and hello to a comprehensive solution that can be tailored to your dealership’s specific needs and market conditions.

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Fuel Your Competitive Edge

Harness real-time market data and pricing insights to stay ahead of the competition. Set competitive prices, tailor your sales strategies, and dominate the market like never before. 

Dealerslink streamlines inventory management, vehicle sourcing, and documentation so you can focus on what really matters – engaging with customers and generating leads. 

Gain insights into your inventory and market trends, manage and distribute your online listings, engage with customers, and facilitate the online sales process.

Dealerslink gives you the edge you need with real-time data, a wide inventory selection, and streamlined processes position your dealership as the top choice for online car shoppers. Stay ahead of the game and watch your sales skyrocket. 

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Tools and Features for Internet Sales Managers


Internet Sales Managers can use Dealerslink to gain insights into their current inventory, understand which vehicles are most in demand, and determine how long a specific vehicle has been on the lot. 

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Market-Based Positioning Data


The ability to provide real-time market data, helping dealers price their vehicles competitively. Internet Sales Managers can ensure they are pricing vehicles to move while maintaining profitability. 

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When customers want to trade in their vehicles, Dealerslink provides a valuation tool to give competitive and market-reflective appraisals. 

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OEM Appraisal Data From Dealerslink
used-car stocking report


Internet Sales Managers understand which vehicles are likely to sell well in their specific market, aiding in inventory acquisition decisions. 

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High-quality photos are crucial for online listings. Dealerslink offers solutions for capturing and managing vehicle images and 360º walk arounds.

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CloudCam 360
social media marketing


Internet Sales Managers can use marketing tools to drive more organic traffic and run online advertising campaigns, promote specific vehicles, and generate online leads. 

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This tool allows Internet Sales Managers to distribute their inventory listings across multiple online platforms seamlessly.

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Craigslist Plus
Dealerslink integrations


Dealerslink can integrate with various CRMs, DMS systems, and other software solutions. This ensures seamless data flow and consistency, which is crucial for ISMs to effectively manage online leads and sales processes. 

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