With over 150,000 used vehicles, AuctionLink gives dealers the most complete selection of used auction vehicles available for sale in-lane or on dealer lots.

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AuctionLink Auction Search
Product Features

Source more inventory efficiently using AuctionLink

Auction Search

AuctionLink makes sourcing vehicles faster and easier by offering refined stackable vehicle search filters for Manheim, OpenLane, and all independent auctions from one search portal. With a continuous vehicle data stream and direct access to auction VDPs and start times, AuctionLink provides a streamlined process for finding vehicles.

Live Dealer-to-Dealer Auction

Place bids in real-time. All vehicles are below wholesale book and come with Dealerslink backed vehicle condition reports.
Dealerslink Members Only
No Auction Fees
All Units Below Wholesale Pricing
Live Real Time Bidding
Photos and Condition Reports

Additional Features

On Demand Inventory

Access thousands of vehicles from across the country all in one place.

Live Dealer-to-Dealer Auction

Unlimited buying and selling without auction fees.

Below Wholesale

Thousands of quality vehicles priced below wholesale book value.

DMS Integration

Seamless integration with every major DMS.

Connect To Profit

Grow your dealership
to the next level!

More features, more complete data sets, more inventory flexibility and costs, on average, 62% less than others like vAuto, DealerSocket or MaxDigital.

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Why are dealers talking about dealerslink?

Absolutely I’d suggest Dealerslink. Number one, the set up was a piece of cake and then the support towards us, when we reach out to them, is second to none… we are thrilled with the service that we get from Dealerslink.

Pete Smith Owner / Bob Smith Toyota
Pete Smith

We like to, instead of sending cars over to auction, trade within the group through Dealerslink. That way we can maximize control of our inventory.

Al McDowell Trainer / Teton Auto Group
Al McDowell

I also like how open they’ve [Dealerslink] always been to feedback and help… It’s more of a partnership than it is a vendor.

Phil Brooker Crater Lake Ford
Phil Brooker

When we started talking to Dealerslink, we realized that you guys were sweeping all of the dealers’ websites, pretty much every third party, but a lot more data going into what we were looking at.

Marianna Varela Marketing Director / All Star Ford
Marianna Varela

I signed on with buying and selling cars on Dealerslink and in 28 years of being in the car business I look at people and I say guess how many auctions that I’ve been to… I’ve been to zero live auctions zero and that’s because the tools that I’ve been given from Dealerslink, being able to make those Acquisitions being able to sell my inventory, move my inventory. They’ve been an absolute phenomenal help to me, and we’ve absolutely loved it. 

Chris Cain  Toyota of Sylacauga
Chris Cain
AuctionLink Auction Search

1,000’s of Clean Retail Ready Vehicles Available Now

The Dealerslink Marketplace is a members-only, dealer-to-dealer network. Please fill out the form in order to verify your dealership and to view available vehicles.

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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. What is AuctionLink?

AuctionLink is a Dealerslink tool that offers a comprehensive selection of over 150,000 used vehicles available for sale through in-lane or dealer lot auctions, providing dealers with extensive sourcing options.

2. How does AuctionLink simplify vehicle sourcing?

AuctionLink provides refined, stackable search filters for Manheim, OpenLane, Adesa, Ally and independent auctions, along with continuous data streams and direct access to auction vehicle detail pages (VDPs) and start times.

3. What is the live dealer-to-dealer auction?

AuctionLink’s live dealer-to-dealer auction allows real-time bidding on vehicles, all priced below wholesale book value, with no auction fees, supported by Dealerslink-backed vehicle condition reports.

4. What are the benefits of using AuctionLink for my dealership?

Benefits include unlimited dealer-to-dealer buying and selling without auction fees and access to thousands of vehicles at auction ensuring efficient inventory acquisition.

5. How can I access AuctionLink?

AuctionLink is available to licensed dealers in the United States. You can request a demo on the Dealerslink website to see how it can enhance your vehicle sourcing and auction experience.

6. What kind of support does Dealerslink offer for AuctionLink users?

Dealerslink provides comprehensive support, including customer service and training resources, to help you maximize the benefits of using AuctionLink.

7. What is AuctionLink's mediation policy?

On the rare occasion when dealers are unable to resolve issues independently, the Trading Desk investigates and mediates all negative ratings on the dealer-to-dealer platform. Pre-sale condition reports prevent most disputes from forming.

8. How do I participate in a live dealer-to-dealer auction on AuctionLink?

To participate, simply log in to AuctionLink at the auction time, browse available vehicles, and place your proxy bids or bid in real-time. All vehicles come with condition reports to ensure transparency. 

9. Are there any additional costs associated with using AuctionLink?

AuctionLink is included with every Marketplace Buyers-Account, making it a cost-effective solution for sourcing, and selling inventory. 

10. How can AuctionLink help me grow my dealership?

AuctionLink helps grow your dealership by providing access to a wide range of vehicles at competitive prices, enhancing your inventory flexibility and profitability. 

11. Can I save or share and Auction Search Run List with my wholesale buyers?

Yes. You can export your favorite run list to an Excel spreadsheet to print and take to a sale or email to your wholesale buyer. 

12. I frequently search for specific vehicles. Can I save searches?

You can save vehicles from the Dealerslink Marketplace, Manheim, Adesa, Ally, and independent auction searches to your favorites. 

13. I cannot find the vehicle I want at the auction or in the marketplace. What can I do?

Creating Want Ads will alert dealers when they have a vehicle in their inventory that you are interested in purchasing. You can set a bid, so dealers know what you are willing to pay for that vehicle.