F&I Managers can Supercharge Their Performance with Dealerslink Software 

Revolutionize your F&I workflow with Dealerslink software. Our cutting-edge tools and resources empower F&I Managers to access a wider inventory, optimize pricing and financing, and take customer satisfaction to new heights. Experience increased efficiency, profitability, and a truly exceptional customer experience. 

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A happy general manager using Dealerslink

Boost your F&I effectiveness with Dealerslink software

With Dealerslink, F&I Managers gain exclusive access to a vast network of dealerships and their inventory. Discover a wider selection of vehicles to perfectly match your customers’ preferences and financial needs. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to endless possibilities at your fingertips. 

Stay informed and stay ahead with real-time market data and pricing insights. Dealerslink provides F&I Managers with the latest information on market trends and vehicle values, giving them an edge when it comes to negotiating financing terms and offering competitive pricing. Improve your customer’s buying experience by harnessing the power of real-time data. 

F&I Managers can now leverage Dealerslink to effectively connect with customers. By utilizing powerful digital tools and presentations, they can effortlessly clarify financing and insurance options, creating an exceptional customer experience and fostering trust. 

Take advantage of our software’s powerful data analytics and reporting features. Discover how F&I Managers can easily track performance, spot sales trends, and pinpoint areas for growth. 

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Tools and Features for F&I Managers

F&I Calculator

Boost customer trust by offering transparent financing options, increasing profit margins through tailored choices, and retaining customers by proactively finding the right vehicle to match their financing arrangements using F&I calculators.

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F&I Calculator
Dealerslink Marketplace

Dealerslink Marketplace

F&I managers tap into an extensive network of dealerships and inventories via the Dealerslink Marketplace. This platform enables them to swiftly locate vehicles aligning with customers’ financing preferences, proactively preventing redirection to other dealerships and streamlining the purchasing journey.

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Data Analytics

Dealerslink provides F&I managers with real-time market data and pricing insights. This valuable information allows them to stay informed about market trends and vehicle values, giving them a competitive edge in negotiating financing terms and pricing, ultimately benefiting both the customer and the dealership.

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Dealership Inventory Analytics and Reporting from Dealerslink
Seize control of your F&I department’s success!

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We were using vAuto, getting frustrated with the same things being said over and over – it seemed like it was a race to the bottom. On top of that, fees were continuously rising.

Anthony Barreiro GM / South Charlotte Hyundai / Former vAuto User
Anthony Barreiro

If you are considering Dealerslink vs. what you’re currently using, or what else is on the market – take a look at the product, the layout, the similarities – and then look at the price of the product. It’s a no-brainer after you do that. Dealerslink is the way to go.

Thomas Pass GSM / Bob Mayberry Hyundai / Former vAuto User
Thomas Pass

It’s very easy to use, works just as well as vAuto, and there are newer features – and it saved us money overall. It’s a seamless transition from vAuto to Dealerslink.

Josh Allison GSM / Abernethy Chevrolet Buick GMC / Former vAuto User
Josh Allison