Idaho Automobile Dealers Association Convention 2022

August 7th-10th

Get First Access to the New Dealerslink Platform at the convention

Dealerslink is proud to be a sponsor of the 2022 Idaho Automobile Dealers Association Convention. As the nation’s fastest-growing inventory management solution and largest online wholesale automotive marketplace, dealers across the country have experienced unprecedented success with Dealerslink.

Convention Special

Complete a live demo by 8/31/2022 and receive $100!


Are you ready for the Idaho Automobile Dealers Association Convention?

Stop by the Dealerslink sponsor table to see the most advanced inventory solutions for 2022. We will be giving live demos of over 30 new features that no other vendor can match.

Group Velocity Analytics DMS Profit Analytics Trade Devaluator AuctionLink Auction Search Merchandising Power Slide Impel 360° Photo Integration Competition View MSRP Lost Deal Indicator VDP Analytics Dealer Direct Vehicle Marketplace Live Online Dealer Auction And Much More

Convention Special

Demo our latest new and pre-owned inventory solutions before Digital Dealer and we’ll give you $100 when you stop by the Dealerslink booth at Digital Dealer.

Not going to the convention? That’s ok. This special is open to all Idaho dealers.


Itinerary and Activity Guide

Join us in Sun Valley on August 7th-10th! Accelerate the growth of your business by connecting with industry experts in a personal, familiar, & family-friendly setting. Digital Dealer 2021 Las Vegas

Convention Sneak Peek

Dealerslink is fastest growing inventory management solution in the nation because we out-innovate the other automotive software vendors every month. Here is a sample of 30 plus new features to demo at our 2021 convention booth.

Used Car

Group Velocity Analytic

Group velocity shows how fast vehicles move at other stores in your group. This gives you a powerful tool when appraising a slow moving trade in your local market that may sell faster at another location.

Competition View Heat Maps

We developed an industry-first pricing heat map. It geo-plots vehicle pricing with colors so you can visually see where the higher-priced and lower-priced vehicles are located. This gives you insight into where to buy below market cars and identify which competitors are aggressively pricing their vehicles. This is a GAME CHANGER!!

Trade Devaluator

We are excited to deliver another industry first. The trade devaluator allows desk managers to identify vehicle characteristics that lower the value of the trade and then communicate them to the customers in a non-combative manner. You can use it in the appraisal offer form.

Lost Deal Indicator

Another industry first, on your appraisal manager we now show lost deals. If another dealer takes in an appraisal from one of your customers, we flag it when that vehicle comes up for sale in the retail market. This allows you to see when customers are no longer active buyers and who you are losing your deals to.

AutoCheck Pro Integration

AutoCheck Pro is a fully integrated AutoCheck API. It automatically runs all your AutoCheck reports in the inventory manager and FastBook. It highlights dirty vehicle history reports, single owner status, recalls, and more.

All New FastBook Mobile

We built a new advanced VIN scanner for FastBook Mobile. It is the most powerful and performant scanner and valuation tool in the industry.

Seasonal Stocking Report

The stocking report can now be toggled to a seasonal report, allowing you to see velocities based on seasonal trends not just trailing sales data.

Price / Miles Rank

You can now calculate and sort by the best prices for the miles on each vehicle so you can price according to price versus miles ratios.

F&I Calculator Templates

You can now store default F&I Calculator templates for all of your lenders so you no longer have to enter each one by hand.

F&I Private Network Search

Chain dealers now have all their Private Network inventory included in the F&I Calculator. This allows members to run finance calculations against their store’s inventory, their chain’s inventory, and LiquidationLink Inventory. This identifies more vehicle options for tight equity fits.

New Car

Competition View MSRP

Dynamic charts designed specifically for new cars that make it easy to see how competing vehicles in your market are priced vs MSRP and how quickly they’ll turn.

New Car OEM Incentives

Eliminate the time-consuming complexity of managing factory incentives and rebates. With automatic updates, Dealerslink ensures that all your New Car inventory will have all available OEM Incentives applied in real time to your website or third-party sites.

New Car Stocking Reports

Stocking reports highlight the right mix of new vehicles for your market based on regional and store velocity.

Inventory Sourcing

Auction Search
A new auction search engine that includes all U.S. Manheim and OpenLane auctions and over 200 independent auctions, allowing you to search among them all in one portal. We hope this helps Dealerslink Members cope with unprecedented inventory shortages.
Auction Run Lists
Dealerslink Auction Run Lists make it easy for dealers to source inventory from any auction. With direct access to your FastBook research and valuation data from your desktop or mobile device.
Want Ads 2.0
We redesigned the want ad interface to display vehicle matches instead of text ads. This makes it easier to identify which vehicles you are interested in making an offer on.
MotorCloud Consumer Offers

Consumer sellers wanting to receive offers from dealers can now post vehicles for sale on the Dealerslink Marketplace through

Black Book History-Adjusted Values
VIN-specific, analytics-driven resource that delivers Black Book’s most precise vehicle valuations. History-Adjusted Values are 31% more precise when compared to auction transaction prices than valuations without a history adjustment included.
Vehicle Recall Alerts
Accounts with CARFAX will now show indicators for vehicle recalls in their inventory manager and can be sorted by vehicle recalls.
Inventory Source Tracking
You can now itemize and track whether used inventory came from auction, trade-in, Dealerslink, or wholesaler. This will allow you to track which sources give you the best results.
Valuation Guides
Dealerslink now integrates with Galves valuation guides.


Merchandising Power Slide
We now offer image slides that can be automated and inserted between your vehicle images to allow you to include promotional content with your photos.
SpinCar Integration
SpinCar is now the recommended 360° media provider for Dealerslink. We now have a seamless real-time integration for all their 360° spin content.
OEM Window Stickers
Dealers who have OEM Build Data can launch original OEM window stickers on select brands.
Automatic Description Writer
For members with OEM Build Data, new and used vehicle options and equipment phrases can be automatically generated.
VDP Tracking
Dealers now have the ability to add their CarGurus and website vehicle detail page (VDP) view stats to their inventory manager to see which vehicles attract the most consumer traffic.
Enhanced OEM Build Data
Integrated Enhanced OEM Build Data shows the vehicle build detail from the manufacturer.
Overlay Automation
Auto-apply photo overlays based on year range, mileage range, and age of vehicle.

If I can get a product that is just as efficient as another product and yet save a ton of money – that’s what I’m going to do.

KC Langenstein General Manager, Marbuerger Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram
KC Langenstein

Take it for a test drive. I think you would be remiss if you didn’t take a look and talk to a rep from Dealerslink.

Tim Urness President, Urness Motors
Tim Urness

Since switching from HomeNet and FirstLook to Dealerslink, we were able to reduce costs by 33% while having all the same features.

Michael Reese Digital Marketing Manager, Haselwood Auto Group
Michael Reese

When I was growing up in the business, we were told the ‘used-car factory’ doesn’t exist. I believe Dealerslink is that used-car factory.

Bobby Maynard General Manager of Sims Honda and Northwest Honda
Bobby Maynard

The support and innovation with AuctionLink 2.0 are unmatched. It’s much simpler and easier to use than any other product I’ve dealt with. The willingness to adapt to feedback from the support team is something I was never able to get with StockWave and vAuto. If I ever open my own store, Dealerslink will be the first place I call.

Scott Allen General Sales Manager, Rogers Dabbs Chevrolet
Scott Allen