What is Trim Exacting and How does it Promote Dealership Efficiency?

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We all know how time-consuming it can be to figure out a vehicle’s trim that’s new on your lot, especially when it comes to brands like Ford and Toyota. But thanks to the Dealerslink trim exacting feature you can get a chunk of your day back.  This state-of-the-art tool uses multiple data sources to identify trims for makes that don’t encode their trim data in the VIN, saving you time, effort, and ultimately money.

What is trim exacting?

When a vehicle is entered into the Dealerslink system, its previous data and features are entered into its profile. Typically, it is difficult to tell which trim, or specific layout of equipment is associated with a particular vehicle. Frequently, dealers are stuck having to guess, or manually look at a vehicle’s features.

Trim Exacting eliminates this process by sorting through VIN data, car history, and previous listings to instantly import the exact trim data into a vehicle’s profile, preventing any guesswork on your end.

How does it work?

The Dealerslink Trim Exacting tool uses a three-step system to ensure accuracy, analyzing a variety of data sources to find the correct information:


First off, the tool searches for trim information based on a vehicle’s VIN number, which oftentimes contains a digit that corresponds to trim information. This is a common way that manufacturers provide their trim information.

JD Power/ChromeData

If the VIN doesn’t contain a corresponding number, the trim information is then searched for in our JD Power Database. This feature scans the web for previous listings and vehicle information to find the exact trim data.

Compview MetaData Search

If the previous two steps are unsuccessful, our system then searches our own CompView database for matching vehicles with corresponding features and layouts. Once it has found a matching listing, the tool scans the metadata of the webpage, which typically contains exact trim information.

How does trim exacting help your dealership?

Instead of having to manually search for or determine the trim of a vehicle, our trim exacting feature does it for you with just a click of a button. This not only saves you time and effort but allows you to focus on more important tasks, helping keep your dealership running efficiently.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a demo and see first-hand how our trim exacting feature helps your dealership. Visit us online for more information: public.Dealerslink.com.

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