The Future Of E-commerce: The Virtual Showroom

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Technology vendors speak of the future of online retailing – full e-commerce, richer media, enhancing the online merchandizing user experience, and so forth. However, there are several regulatory and systemic barriers to achieving the ‘next level’ with respect new car e-commerce. So what’s next in the e-retailing innovation cycle? Enter the used car Virtual Showroom. While most dealers still struggle to grapple with the current technology, especially social media, there are two major problems with dealers ability to innovate: Playing catch up / marrying new processes with the growing complexity of web mediums and information syndication. The difficulty of measuring results / marketing cost-per-sale, and accurately sourcing customers to enable intelligent media buying and planning. My point: Innovation doesn’t have to be transformative, nor disruptive – it can come in simple packages. A Virtual Showroom according to Dealerslink®, is a large led display screen you place on your showroom that gives your customers access to thousands of front-line ready units for sale, offering other dealer members inventory from across the nation, automatically priced with your set markup, and branded to your dealership.

The concept expands your current inventory, so when you don’t have what the customer wants, instead of looking for it at the auction, dealer trade for it!

Dealerslink virtual showroom is only one awesome feature of their Marketplace. Here is what their program boasts:

Access over $1 billion worth of front line reconditioned inventory 24/7.
Eliminate wholesale transaction fees by dealing direct with thousands of dealers.
Dealerslink can save you money by consolidating your vendors with their built in Inventory manager, inventory exporter, marketing tool, booking tool, retail market analytics, velocity reports, and F&I Calculator.
Trust the most established dealer direct marketplace with over 7 years of live trading.
Mitigate depreciation losses and curtailments by reducing inventory age.
Expand your inventory without additional flooring expense.
Access the most current fleet lease inventory in the nation.
Get instant shipping quotes on any vehicle.
One click vehicle history reports and inspection reports.

Aside from the practical innovation aspect found in the Virtual Showroom feature, my favorite thing about Dealerslink, is their ROI offering — “Eliminate wholesale transaction fees” while giving you access to others inventory, which saves you money on flooring. This is the single most tangible vendor ROI offering I have seen. Thus this is not a business model change, but a positive augmentation.

Regardless of where you’re at now, this is good food for thought when considering where our industry is headed.

To learn more about Dealerslink®
CONTACT: Travis Wise at 877-859-7080 x302  

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