The Dealerslink Marketplace vs. The Made-to-Order Model: A Clash of Consumer Preferences

by | Jan 20, 2022 | New Car, Support, Used Car | 0 comments

Whether we like it or not, consumer preferences are changing. COVID has not only changed the way we think as car dealers – it’s also changed the way that consumers behave. We can fight these changes as much as we want, but ultimately the dealers that learn to adapt are the ones that shall overcome.

It’s no mystery that consumer shopping habits have been shifting online for many years now. While it has traditionally been difficult to purchase a vehicle without physically going into a dealership, COVID forced dealers to add steps to their websites for consumers to complete their transactions fully online. As a result, American car-shopping habits have begun to shift even more into the digital realm.

With these newfound changes in consumer behavior, the made-to-order model is gaining steam as large manufactures like GM and Ford have begun to implement the tactic first made famous by Tesla. On the surface, this would seem like it would hurt the average car dealer, as consumers are acquiring their vehicles online instead of in-person, at a dealership. However, for dealers with access to the “used car factory,” this simply marks the beginning of a new era of opportunity.

The major shortfall of the made-to-order model is that it’s only for those who want to purchase new vehicles. Your average customer? Probably not buying a new vehicle. Luckily for you, however, you can still offer them a digitalized, effortless experience while buying a used vehicle.

By being a member of the nation’s largest dealer-to-dealer marketplace, you can effectively offer the made-to-order model to your entire used-car consumer base, catering to the latest automotive trends while keeping your customers happy. Once your customer knows exactly what they’d like, you can tap into the Dealerslink Marketplace to find the exact vehicle, colorway, add-ons, features, etc. With over $1 billion worth of retail-ready vehicles, the options for you and your customers are virtually endless. Then, when you’ve found your match, you can have the vehicle shipped right to your dealership for your customer to come look at. Without the extra buy/sell fees or long-term contract requirements, the Dealerslink Marketplace is a win-win situation for both you and your customer in today’s climate.

“Dealerslink has helped us develop a larger inventory footprint on our website. Typically, we’re able to supplement our sales with 30-40 units a month.”

– Cam Stewart, Managing Partner of Lake Norman Hyundai

Watch a video testimonial of Lake Norman Hyundai

So, what’re you waiting for?

Offer your customer the car-buying experience of the future while keeping your dealership busy and lots stocked.

To learn more, schedule a demo with us today.

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