The Benefits of Vendor Consolidation

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Depending on the size of your dealership, you probably work with either a handful or dozens of vendors that provide a range of services. That means learning and keeping track of various systems, interfaces, usernames, passwords and more. That’s not an issue if you have unlimited time and resources, but let’s face it, that’s not the reality of the used-car industry.

Margins are tightening, and it’s getting harder to stay ahead of the curve in our highly competitive industry. According to NADA, dealership gross margins have declined by nearly 30 percent over the past five years. That necessitates budget cuts, increased pressure to sell, or both.
One of the ways Dealerslink can help improve profitability is by enhancing operational efficiency through our vendor consolidation program. One of the main benefits of consolidating vendors is to control costs. Many of our clients place this as a top priority, and we’ve responded with a solution that is simple, effective, and saves time and money.
Here are just a few of the benefits of consolidating vendors with Dealerslink:

  • Cost savings – you can get the same features you’re accustomed to at half the cost
  • Time savings – your employees spend fewer hours learning and operating multiple systems that end up only getting partial usage
  • One interface – everyone at your dealership uses the same solution, so there’s no drop-off when an employee is out
  • ROI – transparency and communication improve your dealership’s efficiency and performance
  • Less risk – one consolidated solution can cover risks more accurately, as opposed to patching together multiple programs
  • One support team – our dedicated support team is always available to help
Simply put, a dealership that has streamlined its vendor relations and access points is a more profitable dealership.
Dealerslink was founded by professionals who grew up in the auto business, and we remain committed to helping dealers make more profit by providing them with cutting-edge tools that save time and money. We’re very proud of the results we’ve generated for our members in the areas of increased retail sales, front-end gross and time savings, along with reductions in fees, reconditioning costs and the expense of inventory tools.
Our customers have found that our solutions are often more extensive than those of our competitors, and we don’t require long-term contracts.
If you’d like to learn more about our vendor consolidation program or other cost-saving solutions, feel free to call us at 844-340-2522 or email Remember, no long-term contracts means you can test the waters with our products without any major commitments or penalties should you change your mind (although we know you won’t).

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