Used Car Dealership Success

The used-car marketplace continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace.

Strategies that worked years – or even months – ago may no longer be relevant, resulting in many dealers feeling that they are in a perpetual state of 'catch up' as it relates to the most effective approaches to used car inventory, pricing, marketing and merchandising.

Here are four key steps that used-car dealers can implement to expand sourcing, decrease time to market, improve inventory-aging controls, maximize online merchandising efforts, and gain market share with powerful inventory analytics and guidance.

Increase used car turn, sales and profitability.

  • 1

    Balance Your Inventory

    DealersLink members have the ability to efficiently balance their used car inventory through our industry-leading Dealership Analytics.

  • 2

    Examine Your Pricing Structure

    An informed pricing strategy - one that is based on real-time data from your local market and not speculation - will increase turn and profit.

  • 3

    Review Merchandising and Marketing

    The following of six straightforward guidelines for the merchandising and marketing of each vehicle in your inventory is critical to used car success.

  • 4

    Advanced Training

    An exclusive program that focuses on education and accountability with experienced industry leaders who truly understand the path to success.