New Mobile App Increases Access to Inventory

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One of the things that the Internet has allowed people and businesses to do is to decentralize purchasing. For example, collectors and hobbyists don’t have to go to trade shows, they can look for collectibles on eBay. Arts and crafts lovers don’t have to go to craft fairs, they can check out Etsy. Restaurant owners can check Craigslist to see if other restaurants are selling kitchen equipment. You get the idea.
The same is true for sourcing used vehicles. Dealers no longer have to travel to a physical auto auction, they can purchase inventory online.
As a technology company, Dealerslink is keenly aware of how peer-to-peer networks have disrupted various traditional industries. Our new dealer-to-dealer Marketplace app allows member dealers to source inventory direct from other dealers anywhere at any time, bypassing the time and fees associated with physical auctions. Our Marketplace provides access to over $1 billion in used-car inventory. That’s more inventory than CarMax and AutoNation combined.
While our customers have long accessed the Marketplace via a PC or laptop, our new mobile app now provides another opportunity to view and purchase vehicles from other dealers. Dealerslink clients now have untethered access to this perpetual supply of inventory without stocking costs.
The new app is free to download but requires a subscription from Dealerslink to utilize. The app was designed with the following helpful features:
Android and push notifications – provides instant notifications on vehicle alerts, vehicle bids, information requests, and more

Swipe navigation – allows dealers to “favorite” or “dislike” available vehicles in their feed (similar to other popular apps)

Analytics-driven daily vehicle feed – generated by advanced algorithms to show vehicles that sell well in the user’s live local market

Mobile trading desk – allows users to bid, counter and accept offers

Vehicle search engine – searches the Dealerslink marketplace of over 50,000 available vehicles, and allows users to save search results

Mobile inventory manager – lets users manage inventory data from any device and export it to their website and all their classified sites in real-time

“We estimate that more than 50 percent of customer transactions will be app-based by the end of next year,” said Mike Goicoechea, Dealerslink’s CEO. “We hope the Dealerslink app feed will become as prevalent as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds, so dealers can be more productive in acquiring vehicles while on the go.”
Taylor Hollingsworth, one or our sales reps, said, “With saved searches combined with mobile notifications, you’ll never miss a car again.”
If you want that kind of real-time access to the constantly changing supply of used vehicles, download the Dealerslink app for iOS and Android today.  

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