MotorCloud says Cloud Cash brings benefits to car buyers, sellers

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Remarketing, Wholesale | 0 comments

This article previously appeared on Auto Remarketing.

Car search engine MotorCloud has added a new feature called Cloud Cash, which allows shoppers to upload their vehicles to the cloud and receive bids from car dealers across the country.

The company said consumers, through their public MotorCloud account, can now post vehicles for sale on private dealer trading platform, Dealerslink. 

With MotorCloud, once consumers post their vehicles, dealers can place competing bids on the cars. The consumer then receives the winning offer, which MotorCloud said will allow the consumer to sell his or her car quickly.

And the consumer, according to MotorCloud, can sell that vehicle without being contacted by several dealers at once.

With Cloud Cash, consumers can see book values alongside their offers from dealers. Also on MotorCloud, consumers can also post their vehicles for sale to other consumers.

Cloud Cash brings an opportunity for dealers as well, according to MotorCloud. Those dealers gain access to private sellers, which the company describes as “the most sought-after source of vehicles.”

With the CloudCash lane in Dealerslink, dealers can more easily view and bid on consumer vehicles, according to the company.

MotorCloud says its search index features 5.7 million cars and a large inventory of new and used vehicles on the Internet.

The company says that to understand the market using its product, users don’t have to bookmark multiple sites, input searches on different platforms and bring together the results. The company says the public now has access to its market analytics and pricing technology that was previously only available to dealers.

When they do a MotorCloud search, consumers can shop all cars in the market and have vehicle analysis that is based on the entire market picture, according to the company.

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