Managing New-Car Incentives with Dealerslink

by | Jul 16, 2019 | New Car, Vehicle Pricing | 0 comments

Managing incentives and rebates continues to be a pain point for new car operators. It takes the average dealer 2-3 days each time their manufacture makes a change in incentives.

This used to be a once a month task but lately, it feels like it has been weekly or more frequent with some brands.

Many new-car dealers we have talked to are struggling to keep up with this level of complexity and the requirements for displaying incentives correctly. They’re frustrated at the time spent so they just give up and don’t include incentives in their online pricing.

Dealerslink has simplified the process by instantly updating new incentives any time your manufacturer makes a change.

Automatically Managing New Car Rebates

By simply clicking incentive offers on any vehicle you can quickly see each rebate that is available on any vehicle in stock. You can then select optional customer cash incentives to include as well.

With automated OEM rebates and incentives, Dealerslink members have been seeing a 48 – 72 hour price update time improvement in the marketplace while dealers that manually add incentives are rushing to keep up.

Having all our OEM rebates in one place for multiple brands has saved us a lot of time not having to manually enter rebates into our inventory tool. I also really like that all pricing is the same across all of the advertising platforms that we use. After we added OEM data and automated rebates to our account it really has made managing our new car inventory a snap every month.” – Benton Johnson, General Sales Manager, Sheridan Motor GMC/CDJR – Dealerslink Member since 2006.

Build an optimized compatible rebate stack directly into your listing price — and gain back lost time and profit margin.

Call us at (844) 340-2522 to learn more or to set up a live demo.

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