Hertz Dealer Direct and Dealerslink Team Up To Create The Nation’s Largest Used Car Market

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(October 8th, 2014) – Broomfield, CO. Dealerslink and Hertz Dealer Direct announce a strategic alliance today to sell Hertz and Dollar Thrifty vehicles on the Dealerslink Marketplace. This move establishes a dealer-direct marketplace with over 65,000 pre-auction vehicles available 24/7.  

Hertz Dealer Direct increases their direct sales distribution channel by offering their vehicles to thousands of Dealerslink Members while Dealerslink® Members increase their available inventory by over 20,000 Hertz units. All Hertz and Dollar Thrifty inventory is now available 24/7 for purchase on Dealerslink with no transaction fees.  

This relationship enables Hertz and Dealerslink Members to reduce transaction expense and auction fees. Dealers are able use their robust Dealerslink search engine and trading platform, while enjoying the convenience of dealing with their existing local Hertz reps they know and trust.  

The dealer direct model has long been promoted by both companies. Hertz innovated direct to dealer rental car sales with Hertz Dealer Direct.  Dealerslink invented digital dealer-to-dealer trading in the late 90’s. Dealerslink CEO Mike Goicoechea commented, “As a car dealer myself, I have been working for almost a decade now to expand the deal-direct movement to keep more dollars into fellow dealers’ pockets. It’s exciting to see this movement has reached critical mass in the dealer community this year.”  

Hertz Dealer Direct is recognized for offering an exciting mix of foreign and domestic brands with premium trim packages, uncharacteristic for many rental car carriers. Their Dream Car Collection features highline brands BMW, Mercedes, Infinity, Cadillac, Lincoln, Lexus and Volvo. Local Hertz Dealer Direct reps provide unparalleled service and post-sale support. Dealerslink CEO Mike Goicoechea said, “It’s an honor to do business with John McNellis, Jeff Wilds and their dedicated national team at Hertz.  The technology platform is second to none.  We are very pleased with the execution as the enrollments and supply ramps up. Integrating with a world-class supplier like Hertz Dealer Direct is a milestone for all our members to celebrate.”  

Over 3,000 Dealerslink® Members use their Dealerslink Trading Desk daily for customer vehicle locates, lot stocking, and disposal of excess inventory.  Initially, Members accessed Dollar Thrifty inventory.  Later this evolved into the Hertz inventory launch after the Hertz Dollar Thrifty merger was complete. Inventory data is updated hourly for the most current listings available anywhere. Hertz Dealer Direct inventory can now be included in Dealerslink® customer views for presentation to retail customers.   

John McNellis commented, “We look forward to servicing all of the Dealerslink Members, especially those who may not already be doing business with Hertz Dealer Direct. We all know this is a relationship business where trust is earned one sale at a time, and our reps are already using this state-of-the-art platform to enhance customer experience and infuse Hertz vehicles into Dealerslink vehicle searches.”    

About Dealerslink®

Dealerslink® has been eliminating wholesale transaction fees for 9 years with over $1 billion of used inventory available 24/7. Members use the marketplace daily to stock their lots with clean, reconditioned units; locate hard-to-find vehicles for their customers; sell inventory without incurring wholesale losses; arrange book-for-book trades; and manage their inventory with industry-leading analytic tools. public.dealerslink.com  

About Hertz

Hertz operates its car rental business through the Hertz, Dollar, Thrifty and Firefly brands from
approximately 11,555 corporate and licensee locations in approximately 145 countries in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and New Zealand. Hertz is the largest worldwide airport general use car rental brand, operating from approximately 10,090 corporate and licensee locations in approximately 145 countries. Our Dollar and Thrifty brands have approximately 1,400 corporate and franchise locations in approximately 75 countries. Hertz is the number one airport car rental brand in the U.S. and at
130 major airports in Europe.


###   CONTACT: Travis Wise 877-859-7080 x302   travis.wise@Dealerslink.com

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