Free Apps and New Features for Selling Vehicles Online

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Appraising, Dealerslink News, Used Car | 0 comments

Retail sales have shifted primarily to online for nearly every industry during the Coronavirus pandemic, including America’s franchise and independent auto dealers. Shoppers are getting accustomed to retailers’ willingness to come to them and many won’t want that to end when the stay-at-home orders are lifted.

Ever since Covid19, there has been a shift in the car business. Customers want to complete even more of their car buying experience online, and that’s going to stick around once we get back to normal. So we’re creating tools that empower our dealers to offer that, and shoppers to access what they need, said Mike Goicoechea, CEO of Dealerslink.

The latest releases allow customers to submit their trade-in vehicle online, allowing a major part of the car deal to be done virtually.

The new feature is part of a free app from MotorCloud, a new consumer-facing site developed by Dealerslink. It allows car shoppers to upload their trade-in vehicle data to the cloud, then text, email or skype a portable link with anyone.

The MotorCloud app guides the user through a 33-point vehicle walk around, prompting the user to put in info, add photos and upload the vehicle to the cloud. They can share the link, and submit it to CloudCash, where thousands of dealers on the Dealerslink wholesale marketplace can bid on it.

Dealers can get a paid version of the app, which allows them to embed the appraisal process directly on their website, allowing them to accept trade data from customers virtually. It also integrates with the Dealerslink FastBook appraisal app for dealers providing a seamless evaluation of the customer trade.

Now that some customers do not want to come to the dealership to desk a deal, we added virtual deal tools to assist in remote negotiation. We added trade-in details to the existing Customer View Brochures

Finally, Customer Brochures have now been updated to include trade-in details so dealers can include trade appraisals as they are desking the virtual car deals.

We’ve used this challenging time to listen to our dealers and create more tools that help them adapt to a new economic reality. We’re improving our customer interactions in the digital space and doing more car deals virtually. As more dealers are competing with online vehicle selling models, this enables them to level up, said Dealerslink VP of Sales Travis Wise.

For more information or to see how Dealerslink and MotorCloud are helping dealers shift to online sales, request a live demo today.

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