Don’t Let Your Customers Leave The Lot

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One the most valuable features of the Dealerslink® Marketplace is the ability to locate a unit for a customer when you don’t have what they want on the lot. Finding the unit and printing out the Customer View with your logo is a tremendous opportunity to save that customer from buying somewhere else.

If you don’t use this feature to your advantage, you are missing out on at least 2- 3 extra deals a month. With access to more than 34,000 units on the marketplace, you will always have exactly what your customer is looking for.

We’ve even added a feature that allows you to show estimated payment options as well.

If you have any questions about the retail tools available in your membership please give your Account Rep a call today.


Pricing Tool:
Benchmark your inventory pricing against book values, the Dealerslink marketplace, and your competition.

Velocity Report:
Dealers can now track their fastest and slowest selling units, and get better information to calculate ACV on trades.


A sales rep at a Kansas dealership came to Tim, the general manager, because he needed help finding a vehicle a customer requested. He knew they didn’t have anything like it on the lot. Luckily, Tim had just signed up for Dealerslink. They were able to find the exact vehicle the customer wanted on the marketplace. Tim created a Customer View with their logo on it, printed it out and gave it to the sales rep to show their customer. The customer left the dealership happy, and Tim made a $4,000 profit on the vehicle he bought at wholesale.

To learn more about Dealerslink®
CONTACT: Travis Wise at 877-859-7080 x302  

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