Dealerslink’s Appraisal Offer is the Key to Increased Gross

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Appraising | 0 comments

The new appraisal offer form from Dealerslink provides a simple, elegant and quick way to present your customer with the most professional vehicle appraisal possible. This systematic approach allows for consistency in the valuation process and is one of the best keys to increasing gross revenue.

Book Values

The appraisal offer is extremely flexible regarding the information that can be added or removed. Showing the customer how much they can potentially save by trading in their used vehicle increases transparency and enhances confidence. The option to select multiple book values to display will allow the sales staff to customize what appears on the offer. 

Valuation Concerns

The Valuation Concerns section aides sales reps in talking through the valuation process with the customer. This section reveals the demand for each individual vehicle, what the marketplace supply is for each vehicle, and how fast vehicles are moving off the lot. Any concerns are quickly identified, simplified and can be shared with the customer. Having this information at hand allows the sales rep to address any questions or hesitations the customer may have with full confidence and guarantees the customer is well-informed on the subject. Vehicle inspection notes can be a great way to acknowledge any other concerns there may be with the vehicle and will continue to provide elements of the vehicle’s valuation.


The value of a vehicle is not just about what is under the hood. In fact, when it comes to resale value, the condition of the paint job, the tires, and the interior are all important factors. The recondition section will highlight any areas of concern, including rust spots, dents, or scratches. 

Items on the vehicle that need to be repaired are easily itemized giving the customer and sales rep a clear picture of what the vehicle needs and adds to the validity of the vehicle valuation. 


The addition of the salesperson’s contact information to an appraisal offer is a great way for sales reps to not only be able to provide customers with their expertise, but also makes sure that any future interactions are managed smoothly. When potential clients receive the appraisal offer they know who should take care of everything from start-to finish so there aren’t any surprises!

Purchase Voucher

We gave the purchase voucher a makeover. You have the option to include a purchase voucher, something tangible and professional to give your customer. It has a more professional look, similar to a cashiers check. 

New appraisal offer visual

Whether you’re an experienced user of the appraisal offer tool or just taking a look at it for the first time, when filling out the form completely, each and every time, you will start seeing increased gross.

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